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Winter Health Challenge 2018

Welcome to another winter health challenge. Using your Rife to support the body during this period can help to get you ready for the seasonal changes and the challenges often associated with these changes. This is why we have prepared a new winter health challenge for you.

Rife Health Challenge

We suggest you use this protocol over the next month or two. Fit it into your current protocol, or get out your Rife device if you have not been using it, and help your body prepare for the coming winter.

The following programs have been included in the protocol:

  • Detoxification
  • Cold and Flu
  • Sinusitis
  • Allergy
  • Immune System Stimulation
  • Circulation

Detoxification and Lymph

With winter, we inevitably become less active and this means, the detoxification process of the body can slow down. We snuggle up and get cozy but sadly the decrease in movement slows the lymphatic system at a time when its needed most. By running detox with Lymph drainage twice a week, we can support this system as we move into the colder months and thereby support part of the body’s defenses against pathogens.

Cold and Flu – Cold in the head and chest

Using the Cold and Flu program once a week can also help to strengthen your body’s defenses at this time of year. If you do start to experience the symptoms of colds and flu, then use the cold and flu program daily for a week with the other symptomatic programs like inflammation and pain.

Sinusitis or Allergy programs

For those of you who suffer from seasonal allergies and sinusitis, now is the time to start using your Rife device preventatively to help to support the body’s defenses against these conditions. Run the Sinusitis and allergy program at least twice a week before allergies start or three to four times a week if you already have sinusitis. You can also add inflammation and rhinitis and the pain programs if you are already experiencing those seasonal allergies.


As we slow down and become less active, circulation is affected in the body. Although the Rife can never replace healthy exercise, it can help to boost and improve circulation. Circulation is one of the most important keys to health. It provides every part of the body with the vital nutrients needed to survive and it removes toxins from the various parts of the body so boosting circulation always helps to boost health. If you are watching television, consider using your MAXI Mat to run the program while you enjoy your favorite program.

Immune System Stimulation

Obviously, a healthy immune system is the key to preventing disease. Keeping your immune system healthy can mean the difference between a cold free winter. So immune system stimulation is one of the most important programs for our winter protocol. We would suggest adding the immune system support programs to your winter protocol at least twice a week or even 4 times a week for a week or two.

Combining these programs into a month-long winter protocol could help you to get your body ready for the winter chill and hopefully help you to avoid the winter blues.

Here is an example protocol to follow until winter starts. The purple section is overnight treatment, yellow is daily treatment. Feel free to use this protocol to create your own or adjust it as necessary depending on your lifestyle and requirements.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Immune system stimulation Sinusitis Cold in head and chest Allergies Circulation Immune system stimulation Detox with Lymph drainage
 Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann



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