At Rife PEMF, we know that it is only through regular use of your Model MA200 that you can gain the benefits of this type of therapy. We therefore offer different forms of training and support to help you get the most from your device.

Our training and support includes:

  • Our Online Comprehensive Introduction to Frequency Therapy Course
  • Newsletter
  • Our Rife Health Challenge
  • Community Support via Whatsapp
  • Individual Support via Whatsapp or Skype
  • Group Introduction Workshops
  • Individual Training

Online Course

Our online course is available for free to all rental and sales clients. The course offers over 5 hours of video lessons to teach you how to get the benefits of PEMF therapy. The course covers information on how to use your device to treat various conditions and how to harness the device to support health.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion. Sign up for our online course here.

Rife Newsletter

Join our mailing list and receive the latest updates and news on electrotherapy. The newsletter will also keep you up to date on any specials we have and it will provide you with protocols for the latest Rife health challenge. Sign up for the Rife Newsletter here.

Rife Health Challenge

We are here to help you get the most from your device. The Rife Health Challenge was designed to provide you with therapy ideas to help you use your device throughout the year to promote health. To see an example of our Rife Health Challenge, please see our Autumn Rife Health Challenge article here. To join the Rife Health Challenge, please sign up for our newsletter.


Our community of MA200 users is constantly growing. The MA200 Whatsapp group is designed to allow the community to learn from one another. If you have a question or want to share your experience, then the Whatsapp group is a great way to interact with other device users.

Our Whatsapp group is a great place to share the latest news, and techniques. To join our Whatsapp group, send your name and number to us at 082 888 3223 and we will add you to the group.

Individual Support

If you have any specific questions or queries, then we are here to answer those for you via Whatsapp, email or Skype. Feel free to contact us on 082 888 3223. It is our mission to make sure you get the most from your machine.


Our business has grown over 25 years because people know how beneficial this type of treatment is. If you have a group of friends or family who are interested in the technology then we can arrange to meet with them to demonstrate the device and to provide information and training. Please contact us via email or on 082 888 3223.

We are based in Cape Town and are happy to organize group introduction workshops for you there. We are also periodically in Johannesburg for training and workshops. Please email us for the latest workshop and training opportunities.

Individual Training Sessions

We also offer one-on-one training for users who need intensive Rife training. Please contact us on 082 888 3223 for rates and to make an appointment.