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The Rife PEMF Model MA200 Cancer Protocol

The following protocol has been designed to help you to take advantage of the various cancer programs included in the Rife Model MA200.

This program is based on the work done by various doctors who are using the machines in practice.

The Protocol

Cancer Basic – At least twice a week
Cancer General – At least twice a week
Specific Cancer type – At least 3 times a week
Detox and Lymph drainage – At least once a week
Circulation – At least once a week
Liver Support – At least once a week
Kidney Support – At least once a week
Sleep/Schumann – Every night to support healing and sleep
Pain frequencies as necessary to manage specific types of pain

Create a schedule that suits your lifestyle using longer programs on the days you have more time and shorter ones on busier days.

The cancer decoded course is also available on our website for free for Rife machine owners.

Instructions for the Rife Therapy and Cancer Decoded Courses


You need to register for the course first before you can access the lectures. To register for the course click: http://www.rifepemf.com/wp-login.php?action=register . Choose a username that you will remember. You cannot change your username later. You can change your name, and password details later.

Once you have registered, the website will send you an email. Click the link in the email you receive to set your password.

Once you have a password, you can access the free lessons. You need to email us to let us know you have registered so that we can upgrade you to be able to access all of the other lessons. Email your username to info@pemf.co.za and we will upgrade you for free.

When you have your username and password you can log into the course.

Log in here: http://www.rifepemf.com/wp-login.php - user your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using the link below the log called “Lost Password”

When you log in you will be taken to the Frequency Course page. You Lectures you have completed and that you can access again are marked in Red/Orange. Lectures you have not completed are marked in black:
You must complete each lecture in order to access the next lecture in the course. To complete a lecture, you need to mark the lecture complete or you need to answer the questions at the end of the lecture. Please note you do not necessarily have to get the answers right, but you do have to answer each question or mark each lecture complete.

To mark a lecture complete click “Complete” at the bottom of the page of each lecture:

Once you have completed each lecture in the course, at the end of the course, on the last lecture page, you will see a link to download and print your certificate. Click “Download Certificate”. The PDF will open and you can save or print your certificate.
If you have any problems, please email us at info@pemf.co.za

Enjoy the course!

082 888 3223

The information in this document is for educational purposes only. Rife PEMF does not diagnose or suggest therapy for disease other than suggestions on how to use your device based on the diagnosis and advice of your medical practitioner. We strongly suggest working with your practitioner to monitor your progress and to adjust therapy requirements


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