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TENS PEMF therapy for Arthritis

TENS PEMF therapy for Arthritis

If you have ever struggled with the knee and joint pain associated with arthritis, then you have first-hand experience of how debilitating this condition can be. Constant aches and joint pain can prevent you from getting the exercise you need to stay healthy, and can even prevent you from enjoying the simplest things in life. Although drugs like NSAIDS can provide some relief, they are not without their risks and side-effects and with everyone watching their monthly budget, they can be expensive too. TENS PEMF therapy for arthritis provides a viable therapy alternative.

Finding cost effective therapies that can support joint health and that can reduce pain is crucial for ensuring your future joint health. Knee and joint arthritis becomes a vicious cycle because the more pain you experience, the less you move around and the less you move around, the worse the condition becomes.

TENS PEMF therapy for ArthritisMost medical practitioners and physiotherapists now accept the benefits of TENS PEMF therapy for arthritis. Studies on TENS and PEMF for pain have been available for decades and more and more practitioners are now prescribing TENS and PEMF devices as adjunct therapy for treating the pain and discomfort experienced with arthritis. But what can you expect from TENS PEMF therapy for Arthritis? Can TENS PEMF therapy for arthritis really help you?

Here are some of the reasons why TENS PEMF therapy for arthritis can be beneficial for you:

  1. TENS PEMF therapy reduces inflammation
  2. TENS PEMF therapy improves circulation
  3. TENS PEMF therapy reduces pain

Inflammation – the underlying mechanisms in arthritis

Inflammation is the main reason for why your joints swell up and feel painful. Most people are aware of the swelling and pain that goes along with arthritis, but what you may not realize is that inflammation is not only a symptom of arthritis, but may also be one of the underlying causes of the condition too.

As you age, the wear and tear on joint tissue causes minor injuries to your joints. Your body is therefore constantly needing to heal these minor wounds. Inflammation is a natural process that occurs when tissue or joints are injured. Your body produces inflammatory compounds to assist the healing process. It produces chemicals which help to break down damaged or injured tissue so that the damaged tissues and cells can be safely removed from the site of the injury.

A little inflammation is therefore vital for healing, but when inflammation persists the compounds associated with inflammation can actually begin to break down healthy joint tissue. This is when the healing mechanism of the body can become the Jekyll and Hyde of your healing process.

When your joints are constantly injured, the body keeps producing inflammation and the inflammation becomes of the cause of injury, leading to a vicious cycle of injury and inflammation. Reducing inflammation can be extremely beneficial in reducing not only the pain and swelling of arthritis, but also in breaking the cycle of injury and inflammation.

TENS PEMF therapy for Arthritis – The studies

There are literally hundreds of studies that indicate the effectiveness of both TENS PEMF therapy for arthritis and both TENS and PEMF devices are widely used for the treatment of knee and joint pain.

Although the exact underlying mechanisms have yet to be determined, other studies indicate that TENS PEMF therapy for arthritis play an important role in the regulation of the inflammatory processes of the body and it could be this regulation of inflammation that could possibly account for the benefits of the TENS and PEMF therapy for arthritis patients.

One study showed that PEMF therapy reduced the amount of IL1 beta by up to 275% in patients who had recently received breast surgery. This dramatic reduction in the compounds that are responsible for causing inflammation would certainly reduce the amount of inflammation at the site of the therapy.

In terms of inflammation, another study showed that PEMF therapy increased the anti-inflammatory effects of adenosine. Increasing the effects of anti-inflammatory compounds in the body would naturally reduce inflammation at a site – in this case the site of the arthritis assuming you are applying PEMF and TENS to the site directly. This study concludes that PEMF may therefore be beneficial for the therapy of inflammatory bone and joint disorders.

The combination of reducing inflammatory compounds and increasing anti-inflammatory compounds could be a powerful combination against inflammation and a powerful link against the underlying causes of arthritis. Studies on PEMF and TENS in the therapy of arthritis may certainly be proof of that.

In a double blind study entitled, “Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for knee osteoarthritis,” researchers concluded that knee TENS therapy significantly improved knee stiffness and provided pain relief for patients who received the therapy versus patients who received the placebo. By reducing pain and stiffness you eliminate one part of the problem because with less pain you are more likely to move around, which means exercise can support your ability to heal.

Finally, in a study on PEMF on early knee osteoarthritis, the beneficial effects of PEMF therapy were not only fast acting but these benefits continued at the one and two year follow up periods after treatment. The researchers in this study reasoned that the continued benefit was perhaps due in part to the anti-inflammatory effects of PEMF therapy.

TENS PEMF therapy for Arthritis – Circulation

When you add the benefits of TENS PEMF therapy for arthritis for improving circulation, then you can understand why TENS PEMF therapy is gaining ground as a non-invasive, drugless therapy that can be used in the treatment of arthritis.

TENS PEMF Therapy for Arthritis – What you can expect

Based on our experience with TENS and PEMF therapy for arthritis, patients who use the RIFE PEMF do experience a reduction in pain and an increase in flexibility and movement. Our TENS PEMF device is simple to use at home and is also painless.

Although TENS PEMF therapy can help to reduce the inflammation and pain, it will not add the nutrients you need to build new healthy joints. It will also not take a walk for you or get you the exercise you need to support joint health. Sadly, these therapy elements are up to you.

There are however so many supplements specifically designed for joint health and arthritis that finding the right supplement for you should be fairly easy. As far as the walks are concerned, reducing your pain will give you the will to get out there and enjoy life.




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