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TENS for Multiple Sclerosis

Although the underlying cause of this debilitating condition is still unknown, PEMF therapy and TENS for Multiple Sclerosis offer some hope for MS patients. Often dealing with the symptoms of the disease, there are many interesting studies that examine the use of electrotherapy for the management of various symptoms experienced by Multiple Sclerosis patients.

These studies deal with the effects of EMF therapy as well as TENS and tDCS. They address a diverse range of concerns for MS patients like myelin sheath repair, reduction in fatigue, decreases in pain, improvement of nerve reorganization and decreases in spasticity.

These symptoms can severely impair the quality of life of an MS patient, and electrotherapy in the form of TENS therapy for multiple sclerosis offers a non-pharmaceutical based, therapy alternative with virtually no reported adverse effects for this type therapy. TENS is even listed as one of the accepted therapies by the MS Trust in the UK and other MS organizations.

TENS for Multiple Sclerosis

Current Studies on TENS for Multiple Sclerosis include:

The parameters of these studies are not dissimilar to the outputs of the Rife Model MA device. Since the underlying cause of Multiple Sclerosis is not yet known, therapies aimed at improving the symptoms are currently a good indication of how to approach therapy in cases of MS.

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