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TENS therapy for Inflammation

If you suffer from chronic inflammation, then TENS therapy for inflammation may offer a drug free alternative to help reduce chronic inflammation. Inflammation is your body’s way of protecting itself from damage and harm and it is therefore a vital part of the healing process. And yet, inflammation is being blamed as the underlying cause of many of the diseases we face these days, so how does the healing process go wrong? Why are so many people suffering from conditions that are caused by inflammation? What can be done to help to reduce inflammation without compromising the body’s ability to heal? The answer to many of these questions can be found in understanding why inflammation can be so detrimental.

TENS therapy for InflammationTENS Therapy for Inflammation – Conditions

Inflammation has been linked to joint pain, back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, auto-immune disorders, lupus, allergies, Crohns disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, memory loss and even premature aging.

TENS therapy for InflammationAs mentioned above however, inflammation is vital for healing, so why is the healing process damaging your body? The simple answer is that the environment we live in, the stress of modern life and the modern diet have created a situation that places your body under constant threat. Your body is therefore constantly producing inflammation to protect and heal the body.

Inflammation results is an area of the body becoming red, swollen and painful. Chronic inflammation and inflammation that affects the body internally may not exhibit any symptoms until it is too late. It is therefore vital to ensure you keep inflammation under control.

TENS therapy for Inflammation – A potential answer

The problem with inflammation and particularly chronic forms of inflammation, is that the process often becomes a vicious cycle. Inflammation helps the body to eliminate the bacteria, toxins and damaged tissue from any area but this process can actually lead to the area becoming damaged and this is how inflammation becomes the underlying cause for more inflammation.

There are two forms of inflammation – acute inflammation and chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation occurs suddenly as a result of damage or a threat – like an injury or an attack by viruses or bacteria like when you get the flu. This inflammation is resolved as soon as the body is healed or the threat is removed.

Chronic inflammation on the other hand is a constant low grade response to a constant threat to your body. This type of inflammation is dangerous because chronic inflammation damages the body leading to further inflammation. This is the type of inflammation that we need to guard against.

But how do we reduce chronic inflammation? Although it sounds simple enough to change what we eat, changing the air we breathe, the water we d
rink and elements like stress, can be impossible to change and once you suffer from chronic or low grade inflammation, it can be extremely hard to reverse the cycle.

You could use medications like NSAIDS or Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but they come with their own set of side-effects and disadvantages which often make them unsuitable for long-term use. That is where PEMF and TENS therapy for inflammation could offer a safe alternative for the long term reduction and control of inflammation.

TENS therapy for Inflammation – The research

TENS and PEMF therapy have been available for the last three decades and the FDA have approved numerous devices for use in pain and other inflammatory conditions. Although these therapies are a fairly new addition to mainstream medicine, there are more and more studies on these technologies which are showing that both TENS and PEMF may have an important role to play in the reduction of both pain and inflammation.

TENS therapy for InflammationOne study showed that exposure to PEMF therapy` at 5.1 Hz and 7.8 Hz led to a decrease of 37% in the production of TNF-α, one of the compounds responsible for inflammation. Decreasing the compounds that promote inflammation can obviously be helpful for controlling chronic inflammation.

A study on TENS therapy for wound healing also showed that TENs therapy led to a decrease in the amount of TNF-α as well as two other compounds that are responsible for producing the inflammatory response. This study showed that TENS therapy at 2Hz shortened the wound heling process and the study concluded that the therapy did so by inhibiting the inflammation phase of the wound healing process.

Finally, in a study done on breast reduction patients, PEMF therapy reduced the amounts of IL-1 in the wound exudates of the patients. After one hour, IL-1 levels were 275% lower than the untreated group. The treated group also had a 57% decrease in average pain scores at one hour after treatment and a 300% decrease at 5 hours after treatment compared with the untreated group.

The studies mentioned are just a few of the current studies showing that TENS and PEMF therapy can have a role to play in reducing inflammation and other studies on PEMF and TENS therapy for inflammation have also shown that these therapies have very few side-effects and they are safe for long term use.

TENS therapy for Inflammation – The therapy

So what should you look for if you want to add TENS or PEMF therapy to your current inflammation protocol? The first thing you should do is consult your physician about these types of therapies to see if they are suitable to add to your current treatment protocol. You should also ensure you invest in a device which has been legally licensed as a medical device.

Some unethical device manufacturers in South Africa market devices that are not legally licensed and could be dangerous. Every device should have their South African license number displayed on the device. Do not be fooled by manufacturers who tell you they conform to international standards and therefore do not need a license. Your health is in their hands.

Finally, add TENS therapy for inflammation to your daily treatment regimen. The inflammation program on the MA200 runs for just 24 minutes a day and you can use the cylinders or body pads for the session making it a simple addition to your daily routine. Or join our monthly health challenge and get the most out of your MA200 device.

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Why Half of Our Clients are Healthy

Although the Rife UA offers programs for over 700 conditions, the majority of our customers have a Rife PEMF device, not to treat a specific condition, but rather to promote and maintain their overall health.

Other than supplements, there are few drugs and medications in the world that are aimed at promoting health rather than treating disease. The truth is that medication is not suitable for such purposes. In contrast, alternative health therapies like the Rife PEMF device and others can help to support your health, thereby preventing the conditions in the body that promote disease.

Here are the top reasons why our healthy clients have the Rife PEMF:

  • To combat the effects of stress and inflammation
  • To promote and ensure healthy sleep
  • To support healthy circulation
  • To improve energy levels and increase metabolism


Stress and inflammation

We all know that stress can take a toll on our health but few people realize the underlying mechanisms that stress causes that do damage to the body. When you are stressed, the entire metabolism of your body changes. Your body goes into fight or flight mode, healing is switched off and so is the immune system, leaving you open to threat and disease. Stress is invariably accompanied by inflammation which actually damages the body. Where the inflammation occurs depends on each individual. Inflammation has been directly linked to cancer and many of the other modern diseases we face.

PEMF and Tens therapy has been used for decades to help to reduce anxiety and stress and to treat various forms of depression. Although chronic depression and anxiety are often long term conditions we all suffer from occasional bouts of stress or anxiety occasionally. Ignoring these periods can be extremely detrimental to your health.

Our healthy clients know that using the Rife PEMF during stressful periods helps them to reduce the stress and the effects of stress on the body, keeping them healthy and not only coping with what life throws at them but thriving.


Sleep is crucial for maintaining good mental and physical health. Without sufficient quality sleep, your body cannot regenerate and your immune system cannot create the cells vital for protecting you. Stress and lack of sleep often go hand in hand and they are truly the Bonny and Clyde of ill-health.

TENS and PEMF can help you and your body get a good night’s rest by increasing sleep time and increasing sleep quality, which in turn improves quality of life. By promoting healthy sleep, you are promoting overall health.

Promoting healthy periods of sleep, particularly when you are stressed on struggling to sleep is a kay to supporting your overall health and our healthy clients all report using the sleep frequencies to support and improve their sleeping habits.


Circulation is the key to a healthy body and a healthy life. Circulation is the process which provides your entire body with nutrients to thrive and it is the process which removes toxins from the entire system. Without healthy circulation tissues do not get the oxygen they need to survive.

Our modern, sedentary lifestyle has played a huge role in reducing circulation and causing ill-health. Exercise is the best way to help to improve circulation, but the Rife PEMF can also help to support and promote circulation, particularly for people who can’t move around a lot or who don’t necessarily have the time to do so every day.

Studies show that TENS therapy can improve blood flow by up to 35% thereby supporting healthy wound healing and circulation. These are by no means the only studies either.

Using the Rife PEMF device daily to promote healthy circulation can help to support your overall health, particularly when you are not able to get out of those all-important meetings. Our healthy clients also list circulation as a regular part of their health protocol.

Energy & Metabolism

The most profound benefit and reason why healthy people use the Rife PEMF device daily is because TENS and PEMF therapy directly supports healthy energy levels and metabolism. We tend to think of energy levels as a determination of how much we can do every day, and while that is important, we seldom think of energy levels in terms of health.

Every cell in your body produces energy for you. When the cells are low on energy, you are low on energy. When your cells don’t have enough energy your health is directly affected. This means when you feel your batteries are running low, you are actually on your way to ill-health.

TENS and PEMF have been shown to support metabolism and energy levels at cellular level. Not only can the Rife PEMF device supplement your energy levels, but it can do so at cellular level to help you achieve your maximum potential. In fact, TENS therapy is so effective at supporting energy levels that studies show TENS improves endurance, exercise and muscle strength in athletes.

Our healthy clients report that energy support is one of the programs they rely on for overall health.

Promote Your Health in just 2 hours a week

Many of our clients have asked us to help them to create a schedule for health. We have spoken to our clients and worked with the experts to prepare a monthly protocol for you that will help you to support and promote health in the long term.

The Rife Health Challenge will focus on different areas of health each month to help you to support your overall health. Take up the Rife Health Challenge and start treating yourself 2 hours a week and see what a difference your Rife can make to your health. Click here for the latest challenge

Rent your Rife PEMF Today for Overall Health

Most people spend more than the monthly cost of a Rife PEMF on supplements, not to mention medications. At R499 per month, the cost of purchasing your Rife device is negligible compared to the costs of future ill-health. If you want to know more about our purchase payment plan, contact us today.


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PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer disease patients

How PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer disease

Mary Comer said, “We are really a composite of our life experiences – memory layered upon memory and Alzheimer’s steals that away.” Although PEMF is certainly not a cure and many studies still need to be done, PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer disease patients by improving circulation, improving sleep and improving oxygenation and these three aspects can help to support the aging brain.

There is nothing quite as frightening as losing your life or your loved one, one memory at a time. Although not a miracle cure, there have been some positive results in studies on PEMF and Alzheimer’s disease for supporting and improving memory, and improving cognitive function.

PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer disease

PEMF therapy uses pulsed electromagnetic frequencies administered to the body via accessories. In the case of the Rife PEMF for example, you have access to magnetic cylinders and body pads that can be used for treatment. It is a non-invasive therapy that offer general and specific health benefits PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer disease that may be helpful for supporting the health of Alzheimer’s patients too.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, every 67 seconds, someone in the USA develops Alzheimer’s. These statistics are not very far removed from Alzheimer’s in South Africa. The Alzheimer’s Association also points out that increased circulation increases oxygenation to the brain, which can be helpful in supporting brain health. Although there does not seem to be a cure on the horizon, there are various other factors that can help to support individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and some factors can even help to slow the progression of the disease.

The factors that have been identified that can be beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients include:

  • Increased circulation to the brain
  • Increased oxygenation to the brain
  • Improved quality of sleep

PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer disease – Improved Circulation and Oxygenation

Improved circulation can make a difference in brain function and increased circulation can help to support brain health. In fact, most Alzheimer’s organizations recommend that the cessation of smoking can have immediate benefits in terms of brain function and health for Alzheimer’s patients because of improved circulation and oxygenation. Improving circulation can therefore be highly beneficial for brain health and for Alzheimer’s patients.

There are numerous studies on the benefits of PEMF for circulation. In a study published in 2009, researchers evaluated the efficacy of PEMF on diabetic polyneuropathy. This study is interesting because it not only dealt with increased circulation but also showed that PEMF slowed the progression of neuropathy. Neuropathy is a disease where the peripheral nerves degenerate. This may hold additional implications for Alzheimer’s patients.

PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer disease - Improving Sleep

In a study on sleep and Alzheimer’s, researchers studied the effects of sleep on the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Most of the studies before this study focused on the effects on Alzheimer’s disease on sleep, but the researchers for this study surmised that sleep could be akin to the chicken and egg situation and they wondered whether disrupted sleep could impact on the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers found that quality sleep played a vital role in allowing the brain to rid itself of the garbage proteins that accumulated during the day and that disrupted sleep increased the garbage and therefore exacerbated the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Essentially their research showed that disrupted sleep could exacerbate Alzheimer’s, which in turn could disrupt sleep.

In a study on impulse magnetic field therapy and insomnia, researchers found that seventy percent of the patients who received treatment experienced substantial relief from their insomnia-related complaints versus two percent of the placebo group.

PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer disease - Specific Studies on PEMF and Alzheimer’s

Since PEMF has been shown to be beneficial for increasing microcirculation and for supporting oxygenation, as well as promoting cellular metabolism and improving sleep, it should not be surprising that PEMF may be helpful in supporting brain health in Alzheimer’s patients.

There are two specific studies dealing with the use of frequency therapy and Alzheimer’s disease.

The first study on the benefits of PEMF therapy for Alzheimer’s disease studied the effects of PEMF on visual memory and Visuoperceptual function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Frequencies ranging between 5Hz and 8Hz were used in the study and the study found that the application of these frequencies in two Alzheimer’s patients improved both visual memory as well as Visuoperceptual function. The researcher suggested that this indicated that improvements in other cognitive functions like short term memory, spatial orientation, judgement, reasoning, social interaction and mood could also improve.

The second study on Benefits of PEMF therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease focused on the disorganization of circadian rhythms in Alzheimer’s patients. These rhythms are integrally linked to healthy sleep patterns and this study therefore ties in to sleep and Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies on animals have shown a link between disrupted circadian rhythms to the loss of memory and cognitive processes. Alzheimer’s patients often have severely disrupted sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. The researchers theorized that magnetic therapy may help to support healthy circadian rhythms because magnetic fields may help to organize these rhythms. They also emphasized that magnetic shielding may lead to disorganization of them contributing to the progression of the disease.

General PEMF Therapy Benefits - Alzheimer’s Patients

Although there are only two studies to date on Alzheimer’s disease and PEMF therapy, any individual can benefit from PEMF therapy and that includes patients dealing with cognitive impairment or a loss of cognitive function.

One of the biggest benefits of Rife PEMF therapy in South Africa, is that the model MA can be used in the comfort of your own home. When dealing with an Alzheimer’s patient, this means less disruption for the patient. Whether you are using the Rife PEMF model MA for pain, improved health, or for specific conditions, you can expect to experience improvements in overall health for you and your family.

With our rent to buy option and our long term purchase options, you can rent an MA and see for yourself what benefits the Rife PEMF model MA has for you and your family. PEMF therapy can also be used safely to help support the aging brain to reduce general cognitive decline. To rent or buy your Rife PEMF in South Africa, feel free to contact us for more information.

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Getting the Most from Your Rife PEMF

I quote from an article by C.A. Bassett, “Beneficial effects of Electromagnetic fields.” Published in Bioelectric Research Centre, Columbia University Riverdale New York: “The range of verified treatments using PEMF therapy continues to broaden including nerve regeneration, wound healing, diabetes, myocardial and cerebral ischemia (heart attack and stroke) amongst many other conditions, even possible benefits in malignancies.”


In our own reports received from Doctors using the Rife machine in practice, of the 36 cases of Asthma treated for example, 5 individuals had attacks that ceased, 18 improved with reduction of medication, one individual had a complete recovery with no further medication necessary and 10 had major reduction in attacks and medication, but most of these cases required consistent treatment lasting three months or more.

What continues to concern me is that the use of the instrument seems not to be fully understood. This is I think is because people see PEMF almost as a magic bullet. They seem to feel that they need one treatment and the condition must be gone!

We do not have these expectations for mainstream medicine. We take chronic medication for life. We are subjected to Radiation and Chemotherapy for months at a time. We are told to take a whole course of Antibiotics for the flu and so on. Similarly, PEMF therapy could take days, weeks, months or even years but it still offers a drugless, non-invasive alternative for some of these conditions.


Those of us who make the time to use our instrument either for continued treatment or preventatively derive the best benefit. I have been lucky enough to have mine for twenty years, used it regularly and at 76 years old have none of the conditions that my fellow 76 year olds have! Please make time for your health. If you want to discuss anything with me feel free to do so.

To get the most from your Rife Device:

  • Schedule your usage like you would a doctors appoint and don’t skip treatments if you are treating a long term condition.
  • Use your device regularly for preventative purposes.
  • Run Detox at least once a month to help your body cope with toxins and free radicals, to improve circulation and overall health.
  • Drink a glass one water with a tablespoon of lemon juice about half an hour before treatment to ensure the body is well hydrated during treatment.
  • Wet you MATs well to ensure efficacy of treatment.
  • Reach out if you need any advice about your Rife PEMF. We are here to help you get the most from your device.

Those of you who have had their instruments upgraded you have made a wise choice.

Those of you who have not, it is available call and we will arrange it for you.

Happy Rifing,


If you have any concerns or queries, please send me an email anytime and we will try to help you

Remember you can rent or purchase your Rife device in South Africa. For More details please feel free to email us on: info@rifePEMF.com.