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PEMF for prostate – Prostate protocols for the MA200

PEMF for prostate can be very beneficial. Promoting prostate health in men is vital. Unlike anti-inflammatories, you can use your Rife PEMF device prophylactically to prevent conditions in the future. With prostate conditions on the rise, continuous use of your Rife PEMF device can help you to decrease your risks of developing future complications.

Symptoms of Prostate complications to watch for include:

  • weak urine flow
  • needing to urinate more often, particularly at night
  • a feeling that your bladder has not emptied properly
  • difficulty starting to urinate
  • dribbling urine
  • needing to rush to the toilet - you may occasionally leak urine before you get there
  • blood in your urine

If you experience these symptoms, you need to speak to your physician. Once properly diagnosed you can use the protocols below. There are two different protocols depending on whether you are using your Rife PEMF for prophylactic purposes to help to support current and future prostate health or whether you are using your device to address current prostate complaints like prostatitis and BPH.

PEMF for prostate - for supporting prostate health:

Once a week first Week – use circulation to promote health circulation to the area

Once a week second Week – Use inflammation to reduce inflammation in the area

Once a week third Week – Use Prostate General

Once a week fourth Week – Use Prostatitis program

Once every three months – Prostate General for 5 consecutive days


PEMF for prostate - for Prostatitis, BPH and other prostate related complaints:

Day 1: Prostate General + Circulation
Day 2: Prostatitis + Inflammation
Day 3: Urinary Tract Infection + Detox


Electrode Placement:

To obtain the best results from your Rife PEMF device, the electrodes must be placed as close to the affected area – in this case the prostate. There are a few options with regards to the electrodes and accessories you can use.

Two cylinders – place one cylinder between the buttocks cheeks below the anus and place the other cylinder just above the prostate area

One Cylinder, one body pad – place one cylinder between the buttocks cheeks below the anus and place the body pad just above the prostate area

Two body pads – Sit on one of the body pads – placing the pad below the buttocks and place the other body pad over the pelvic area.

Create a schedule that suits your lifestyle using longer programs on the days you have more time and shorter ones on busier days.

For more information on PEMF for prostate health please read our PEMF therapy for Prostate article

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Nasa Uses PEMF Therapy

Rife Review January 2015


A review of a statement released by NASA, (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of America) makes very interesting reading in my humble opinion.  NASA announced that they had invested $3.5 million dollars in research of PEMF energy to evaluate the efficacy thereof in the treatment of, one can only assume, those problems that are occurring on the space missions.

Their investigation included the effect on growth and repair of mammalian tissues including both bone and nerve .They also investigated neurodegenerative diseases namely Parkinsons and Alzheimers and finally osteoporosis which they indicated resulted in kidney stones occurring on these missions  Their results were beyond all expectations which is what any owner of a Rife Resonator would expect.

RifePEMFKneePainOne hopes sincerely that there is not too much Alzheimers or Parkinsons during these missions since that could be catastrophic!  When one considers a space mission it must obviously occur that it would be extremely difficult to pack up a First-aid kit for the journey!  It would be far too much to expect an admission that a simple Rife Resonator could handle the job with ease and in fact did from the very first mission.  The research done by NASA, in fact, was first reported by Rife and later by Dr. R.O. Becker. However it seems that it is inevitable that the truth will come out and yes it will come from brilliant research of the establishment. One hopes that Dr. Rife will one day get the full credit he so richly deserves.

Once again if you have not had your instrument upgraded with the magnetic component it is well worth it since all of the research currently in process is about PEMF and the results are more than encouraging. Please feel free to talk to me about your Rife requirements,

George 082 8820640.


RifePEMFLeaders65 jarige ou man met toenemende prostatisme oor 5 jaar tydperk . In lyn vir TUR in die nabye toekoms. Erge afwagting, afname in stroom , nadruppeliring , drangurie,uritrale afskeiding, strangurie, frekwensie nokturie en hematurie.Na vier behandelings is simptome 95% weg , operasie gekanseleer.

Mr. H. L.sustained severe burns to his left forearm and his chest after spilling boiling oil on himself. The burnt area kept on ice overnight in an attempt to minimise the injury , but there was still considerable tissue damage. I treated him with low energy laser and dressings but by the fourth day the wound became infected .I then treated him with the Rife Resonator on alternate days for five treatments, and achieved perfect healing.

Mr. J.V.was burnt while on a fire fighting course.He sustained a deep circumferential burn to his right wrist which was exceedingly painful.I immediately put him on the Rife Resonator for twenty minutes on the pain frequencies and achieved considerable reduction of pain.Thereafter I treated him with  low energy laser and daily treatments on the Rife using the pain and burn frequencies.One week after the burn there was very little pain and approximately50% healing had occurred.

Rife PEMF technology is now available for rental or purchase!

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PEMF Therapy Now in South Africa

PEMF Therapy, NASA and Rife

It is possible that you have never heard of Royal Raymond Rife, but you must know who NASA is. In studies published last year, NASA published its findings on PEMF therapy for tissue repair and healing with spectacular results. Tissue repair and overall healing rates were improved significantly using PEMF technology. And this amazing technology is now available for rental in South Africa!

PEMF Therapy

PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency therapy is based on electro frequencies that are used in with pulsed magnetic fields to help improve and support health. This technology also activates certain functions within the body to support general health.

Although NASA is new to the technology in terms of studies published, this technology is certainly not new. There are hundreds of scientific papers on the subject and PEMF even featured on the Dr. Oz. show where Dr. Oz called PEMF as “the future of medicine.” And we completely agree. As a non-invasive, drug-less,  alternative to regular painkillers, PEMF technology definitely has a place in the future or medicine.

It is sad that this technology has been available for more than 100 years and that the public are only now being told about the benefits of PEMF. Royal Raymond Rife was born 1888. He was the scientist who first discovered that frequencies  can be beneficial for medical applications. Royal Rife built his reputation as a preeminent scientist and was recognized for his ability to build microscopes that were centuries ahead of their time - literally! The world has yet to credit him for his most important discovery - that frequencies affect microbes and that they can be used to heal and reduce pain. The video below you show you his work win connection with how frequencies affect microbes:

“Royal Rife Microscope shatters Cancer”

So how can PEMF aid the Cancer Patient in South Africa today?

PEMF Therapy and Overall Health

Legally are not allowed to make the claim that PEMF can cure your cancer and we do not make that claim. Rife PEMF technology does however speed up the healing process significantly (according to NASA and other studies) For cancer patients, this is vital. The healthier a cancer patient is, the more they can fight the disease. Quality of life, and psychology play a vital role in beating cancer and PEMF can support both quality of life and improve depression to help the cancer patient fight the disease.

According to NASA, healing  and tissue repair is increased by up to five times, and for a patient struggling to fight the battle may make all the difference to supporting the patient. In cancer, the body needs to consistently replace diseased cells with new cells that are healthy. Increasing the how fast tissue heals and repairs may therefore help the goals of the cancer patient.

PEMF Therapy and The Management of Pain

There are extensive studies published on PEMF and pain management. PEMF has been shown to be extremely beneficial as a pain management therapy and is widely recommended as pain relief therapy. Since the quality of life of a cancer patient can benefit from this type of therapy for pain management, PEMF may be a good alternative to painkillers. PEMF may also be used to promote optimal circulation and to help support the cells in energy creation to encourage cells to perform at optimal levels.

Here are just a few of the studies on pain management:

  • PEMF therapy on OsteoArthritis - “PEMFtherapy can have a significant and rapid impact on pain from early knee OA and that larger clinical trials are warranted”
  • PEMF therapy and treatment of facial rhytides - “all patients rated the treatment to be free ofpain on the VAS pain scale”
  • PEMF therapy and arthritis – “The present study shows thatPEMF therapy improves pain, stiffness and physical function in elderly patients”
  • PEMF therapy and Diabetic Neuropathy – “Low-frequencyPEMF can be used as an adjunct in reducing neuropathic pain as well as for retarding the progression of neuropathy in a short span of time.”

Since neuropathy and neuropathic pain play vital roles in cancer therapy, PEMF technology may offer huge benefits for the cancer patient.

PEMF and Fatigue

PEMF therapy energizes the cells at a cellular level. In one published paper, PEMF therapy was very helpful in relieving the fatigue levels of patients: “Low-frequency PEMF therapy might improve function, pain, fatigue, and global status in FM patients.”

Fatigue plays a vital role in the symptoms of cancer patients. Cancer patients can therefore expect to get the benefits of Rife PEMF technology to help relieve and fight the pain and fatigue of cancer. This in turn may improve quality of life and therefore the patient's mental outlook.

Whether you are considering PEMF technology to help to fight fatigue, to help to reduce pain,  or to improve general health, the advantages of this 100 year old technology will no longer remain hidden.


We are excited to announce the Rife PEMF device is now available for rental in South Africa.

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