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PEMF for Lower Back Pain – Protocol

PEMF for Lower Back Pain

PEMF for Lower Back Pain is quite widely accepted in medical circles. Chronic back pain and chronic lower back pain requires a long-term treatment protocol to reduce or slow the degeneration associated with these types of conditions. It also requires daily supplementation or diet that provides the nutrients required to support health joint and bone growth. Some of these nutrients include calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and collagen or gelatin as a collagen source. It is important to speak to your practitioner for support on which supplements are best for your situation.

PEMF for Lower Back Pain

To read more about PEMF for back pain, click here. Back pain is best treated topically – in other words using the body pads as close to the affected area as possible. Placing the body pads – well moistened – either side of the spine, as close to the affected area as possible has been shown to be most effective to manage back pain.

PEMF therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and to modulate brain chemicals by affecting the various brain states. It has also been shown to improve cellular metabolism which supports healthy cells and tissues. TENS has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain and increase circulation. The benefits of TENS and PEMF can therefore help to reduce inflammation and support healthy bones and joints. Hence we have developed the back pain protocol based on practitioner feedback and client usage which can be used with the Model MA200.

Please use the programs below to create a therapy that suits your daily schedule. It is best to use the large mat for Schumann at night. This program plays a vital role in boosting the immune system because your immune system is most active at night. New immune cells are produced while you sleep and also the body heals most at night during good periods of restful sleep. Sleep is also vital for supporting healthy cognitive function.

PEMF for Lower Back Pain - Suggested programs

Backache and Spasms – Use daily.
Bone Trauma – Use twice a week using the cylinders.
Inflammation Use 3 times a week using handheld cylinders
Muscular Pain & Injury – Use twice a week using the cylinders.
Pain Lower Back – Use as often as required up to 4 times a day
Sleep/Schumann – Every night to support healing and sleep using the large mat. Pain frequencies as necessary to manage specific types of pain

Create a schedule that suits your lifestyle using longer programs on the days you have more time and shorter ones on busier days.

PEMF for Lower Back Pain - Protocol Example

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Daytime Backache and Spasms

Bone Trauma

Backache and Spasms


Backache and Spasms

Bone Trauma

Backache and Spasms


Backache and Spasms

Muscular Pain & Injury

Backache and Spasms


Muscular Pain & Injury

Backache and Spasms


Overnight Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann
Additional – if necessary Pain Lower Back Pain Lower Back Pain Lower Back Pain Lower Back Pain Lower Back Pain Lower Back Pain Lower Back


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TENS PEMF for Fatigue

TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigue

Fatigue is one of the first signs that your body needs help and yet most of us ignore this vital clue, with devastating health consequences. Stress and lack of sleep are currently the considered the demons of modern health and they have been recognized as the underlying cause of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and even diabetes. Both stress and lack of sleep are characterized by fatigue. TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigue, but it is vital to acknowledge and recognize that you are fatigued.

TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigueThe bottom line is that nothing in the universe can exist without energy. From the smallest nuclear particles to entire solar systems, without energy systems fail and your body is one of those systems. Each cell produces energy for you, and for its own health and survival. If you are low on energy, your cells are low on energy. If your cells are low on energy they cannot function properly and your body will suffer if you do not take steps to remedy the problem.

There are of course several ways to solve your energy crisis. Diet, sleep, healthy periods of rest and relaxation, all give your body the chance to heal and regenerate to allow it to produce the levels of energy you need. But diet and rest are not the only elements that provide energy to the body.

Your body is an electrical system. Your cells use electrical potential to produce energy. Your muscles use electrical energy to contract and relax. Your brain uses electrical energy to transmit thoughts, to retrieve memories and to allow you to function both mentally and physically. In fact, every organ in the body relies on electrical energy to function. TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigue by supplying energy directly to the cells and to the body.

TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigue – The Research

Although the production of energy is an exceedingly complex subject and far beyond the scope of this article, put simply, your cells manufacture energy by creating situations that produce electricity or electrical potential. Your cells, for example, use different compounds like salt to create an electrical potential between the cell and the surrounding area.

Salt is essentially a positive sodium and a negative chloride atom. A positive charge on one side of the cell membrane and a negative charge on the other side of a membrane creates an electrical potential that produces electrical energy and this is one of the energy sources your cells use to function.

There are hundreds if not thousands of compounds involved in producing energy and by measuring the compounds that play a role in the production of energy you can see if certain types of therapies affect the energy of cells.

Research on TENS and PEMF therapy have shown that this type of therapy affects energy levels at cellular level. A study published over 25 years ago showed that electrical stimulation of muscle at 10Hz for extended periods of time increased the activity of one of certain compounds by three-fold. The enzyme that it increased is called cytochrome-c-oxidase, a compound that plays a vital role in allowing your cells to produce energy.

You may not have heard of cytochrome-c-oxidase but you have probably come across glucose and you probably also know that glucose is inextricably linked to energy production. In another study on electrical stimulation at 10Hz, researches used brain imaging to show that stimulation at 10Hz increased glucose metabolism in the brain. In other words, it increased the amount of energy the brain cells produced.

Although compounds like glucose and cytochrome-c-oxidase can indicate an increase in energy, measurement of these compounds is not the only way to determine if PEMF and TENS increase energy. People are more than capable of determining whether a certain type of therapy has increased their energy levels.

There are in fact numerous studies that show that patients had an increase in energy and a decrease in fatigue levels after PEMF or electrical therapies like TENS.

In a double-placebo controlled trial done on patients suffering from MS induced fatigue, researchers found that PEMF therapy resulted in improvements in fatigue and in improvements in the patients’ overall quality of life. TENS therapy was shown to reduce fatigue, clot formation and pain in patients with dysmenorrhea. In this study said:

“Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation alone provided good to excellent subjective pain relief in 42.4% of subjects, compared with 3.2% with placebo TENS, and significantly reduced diarrhea, menstrual flow, clot formation, and fatigue compared with placebo TENS.”

TENS and PEMF have been successfully used in MS, Fibromyalgia, dysmenorrhea and a host of other conditions. There are even studies on healthy individuals showing that TENS and PEMF therapy can improve energy levels and overall athletic performance. In fact, numerous athletes are turning to PEMF for sport training and improvement.

TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigue – Simple energy

The beauty of PEMF and TENS therapy is that it provides a safe, affordable and simple way to provide the body with additional energy. It has also been shown to improve circulation and that leads to higher oxygenation of the tissues which ultimately leads to a healthier you. Practitioners also use TENS therapy for inflammation. Since inflammation, stress and lack of sleep often go hand in hand, TENS and PEMF therapy could be a valuable tool in reducing the three major risks to overall health.

Rife PEMF has been providing top quality Rife machines to South African patients and medical practitioners for over twenty-five years. Our machines are legally licensed in South Africa and we are the only Rife PEMF company to offer an affordable rent to buy option to our clients. To find out about our latest devices, accessories and health promotion programs, feel free to contact us via email at info@pemf.co.za or via cell/sms or whatsapp on 082 888 3223.

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Beat Joint Pain from the Inside Out with PEMF

Living with pain becomes the norm for many of us. It is only when we can no longer function at some level that we begin to take action. Sadly, many of us don’t understand the origin of joint pain or that pain is a warning signal from the body. Feeling stiff when you wake up and having sore knees after hours of sitting is not a sign of old age, it’s your body telling you that you need to take action.

a021762a-daaa-43c7-a7e7-83266f9245d8The truth is that it is fine to take a pain tablet every now and again, but ignoring persistent pain, particularly pain in the joints, can spell disaster for your future health. Baby boomers have been called the “next arthritis generation.” With estimates that 50% of us will be diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee, and with the debilitating effects this  may have on your life, it is time to understand that you need to take action when you feel sore or stiff.

Joint pain is a signal that your body is not coping with inflammation and that your body needs support. Inflammation is one of the root causes of joint pain. It is also one of the reasons why joint tissue is damaged, causing pain in the future.

How Inflammation Damages Your Joints

The inflammatory process is a natural part of your body’s ability to heal. When you injure yourself, the inflammatory process removes debris from the site of the injury by using strong chemical compounds called cytokines. These cytokines are similar to a demolition crew on a building site. Cytokines remove the rubble from the site of the  injury so that your body can begin to build new healthy tissue.

Sadly, if the demolition crews/cytokines are not carefully regulated, they can damage healthy tissue. This is how inflammation begins to cause joint pain and how it causes the destruction of your joint tissue.

When you regulate the inflammatory process, you control how much damage occurs in the joints, which is why it is important to see pain and stiffness as a warning from your body that your joints need support.

PEMF Regulates Production of Inflammatory Compounds

In a recent study published in the Journal of Inflammatory Research, researchers showed that PEMF helps to regulate inflammation by controlling the production of cytokines.

In other words, PEMF therapy reduces the amount of chemicals your body produces for demolition purposes. PEMF therefore plays a role in preventing damage to your joints.

By removing the underlying cause of joint pain, you remove the threat of damage and you remove one of the causes of joint pain and stiffness. You therefore kill two birds with one stone: removing the cause of the pain and removing the threat of joint degradation.

PEMF Improves Circulation

The benefits of PEMF therapy do not stop there; PEMF also improves circulation. According to a study in the Journal of Orthopedic Research, PEMF improves circulation at the site of application.

By improving circulation to the joints, you improve the health of your joints. Add a joint supplement that supports healthy joint development and some exercise, and your knees will love and support you as you get older.

PEMF therapy is a drugless, painless way of providing your joints with the support they need, reducing joint pain and minimizing joint damage.

Don’t ignore sore and stiff knees. Start treating the cause of knee and joint pain today.

Click here for more information on renting or buying your Rife PEMF device today or Give us a call on 082 882 0640.