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TENS Therapy for Asthma in Children

A study on TENS therapy for asthma in Children showed that children who were given TENS therapy for asthma, experienced improved quality of life of the children versus children who had not received therapy. The study revealed that eight weeks of acupuncture like TENS therapy also improved the children’s heart rate turbulence (HRT) measurements.

Childhood asthma can be a huge burden for a child to bear. Children with asthma often struggle to excel at sports and may even avoid exercise and physical activity to reduce their discomfort. Since exercise is a vital part of a healthy life, children who avoid exercise are more likely to develop diseases like obesity and other conditions related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Asthma is defined as a long term, chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory system. It is therefore no surprise that therapies that reduce inflammation can be useful in the management of treatment of the condition. TENS and PEMF therapy are well known for their ability to reduce inflammation and the therapy has little if any known side effects.

TENS Therapy for Asthma in Children

Although this study is the only one we are aware in the area of asthma in children, it is not the only study done on TENS therapy for asthma. Another study found that TENS therapy reduced the decline of Forced Expiratory Volumes during training and exercise and could therefore be useful for improving training for asthmatic individuals.

When you add to that, the benefits of TENS and PEMF for improving sports performance, then you have a powerful tool to help support your child growth and development.

TENS Therapy for Asthma in Children - The Non-Invasive Approach

Since TENS therapy for asthma in children is a non-invasive, drug-free approach to the condition, this type of therapy is appealing to an ever-growing number of parents as an addition to their other asthma management strategies.

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