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Rife PEMF Patch Coils

Rife PEMF Patch Coils

The PEMF Patches allow you to take advantage of using patches which provide an effective way of supplying the TENS effect of the device in conjunction with our PEMF coil technology. Patches can be used for about 20 applications before they will need to be replaced. The patches allow you to place the coils as close to the area of application as possible. The elastics supplied with the coils allow you to secure the coils if necessary.

To purchase your Patch coils, click here.

In your patch coils you will receive:

2 large orange disks. These are the coils
2 small white adhesive patches. These are the electrode patches
2 pairs of elastics. These allow you to tie the patch coils to the area you want to treat

Wipe coils areas with a damp cloth to clean if needed. Patches are designed to last for between 10 and 20 therapy sessions. New patches can be purchased from our website or you can email us at info@rifepemf.com  

 Rife PEMF Self-Adhesive Electrodes

The self-adhesive electrodes are intended for use with the Rife PEMF device. To purchase replacement electrodes, click here.


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