Rife PEMF Device Price List and Comparison

Our device range has evolved over the past 25 years, a culmination of the dedication of our team at Rife Resonator and Rife PEMF and the invaluable contributions of our supportive and dedicated practitioners who have tireless introduced this technology to their patients. We thank you all for your feedback, advice, and enthusiasm.

We now offer 3 devices, in an effort to suit every pocket and situation. Please note there are videos for all of the devices and accessories which you can view on our Youtube Channel here.

  Price   MA Select  MA Home  MA Clinic  MA Full House
     MA10  MA200  MA900  MA900
No of Programs 20 234 915 915
Patch Coil  R        649.00
Patches  R        108.00
Cylinders  R        849.00 Optional
Travel Bag  R        600.00 Optional Optional
Overnight Maxi MAT  R      749.00 Optional Optional
Extension Cables  R        350.00 Optional Optional
Permanent Patch R         349.00 Optional Optional Optional
Full Body MAT  R     3,450.00 Optional Optional Optional
Pet MAT  R       949.00 Optional Optional Optional Optional
 Battery Backup Cable R        499.00 Optional Optional Optional Optional
Value R     6,749.00 R    11,398.00 R   15,497.00 R    18,847.00
Cash Price   R  5800

R 9,900

R 12,949

R    14,500
Rent to Buy Not available Yes Yes Not Available
Paid over 25 months -   Not available for rent to buy R          638.00 pm R         854.00 pm Not available for rent to buy