62% of South Africans suffer from lower back pain at some stage so if you have been bending, stretching, or getting out of bed slowly in the morning to relieve or to prevent back strain, then you don’t have to feel alone. But that doesn’t mean you need to suffer with back pain either. That's why we designed the Rife PEMF 3 in 1 Therapy Back Brace. The brace offers 3 drug free strategies that are effective therapy options for the management of chronic or acute lower back pain.

Rife PEMF 3 in 1 Therapy Back Brace

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Strategies for back pain management include:

  • Compression and support of the lower back
  • Hot and Cold Therapy
  • TENS and PEMF therapy

Compression and Support for Lower Back pain

Compression and support have been used or centuries to help reduce pain and swelling and to support healing of injuries. There is hardly a household that doesn’t have an ankle brace or knee brace lying around somewhere, ready for the next sprain, strain or injury.

The truth is that compression can often help to support the site of the injury and to help to reduce pain and swelling, although it is important to realize that in the case of lower back pain, a brace or support belt should only be seen as a temporary solution. Wearing a back brace permanently can weaken the muscle structure and exacerbate the problem.

Worn occasionally, back braces can help to support and stabilize the back and thereby preventing further injury to the area. This can in turn support the healing process. Back braces also reduce the stress and strain associated with daily activities like walking, sitting and rising.

In fact, if you have every injured your back then you will know what strain can be placed on the back by a simple act like brushing your teeth. Dr Mary Ann Wilmarth, DPT from Harvard University points out that the simple act of leaning over the sink can increase pressure on the back by 50%.

Back braces provide temporary support to the back and they may even help to improve posture and since incorrect posture is often related to back pain, this also contributes to how a back brace and reduce or help you to manage back pain.

Hot and Cold Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Hot and cold therapy is another drugless, non-invasive therapy technique that has been used to reduce pain and back pain for centuries. Sadly, hot and cold therapy isn’t used as frequently as it used to be, with more and more people turning to analgesics for temporary relief, but the truth is that pain killers and NSAIDs come with their own set of risks.

It is important to understand the role of both hot and cold therapy to get the most from this therapy strategy. Here is a simple introduction to the uses, benefits and advantages of each type of therapy, and when these approaches should be used, so that you can take advantage of this simple therapy to help manage your pain.


Heat helps to reduce pain by increasing circulation and increasing blood flow to the site of the injury. This increases oxygen supply to the damaged tissue and also provides additional nutrients to the tissue which, in turn supports and promote healing.

Heat can also relax the muscles, decreasing muscle stiffness and increasing range of movement. Most experts agree that heat is beneficial for helping to reduce the pain associated with chronic pain like lower back pain.

Ice or Cold

Cold therapy or cryotherapy on the other hand reduces circulation to the site of injury and this helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. Cold therapy may therefore help to reduce pain through the reduction of inflammation. Cold therapy can however exacerbate the short term pain.

Hot or Cold Therapy for Lower Back Pain

The medical authorities seem to disagree about whether to use hot therapy or cold therapy or both in the case of lower back pain. Ultimately it should be up to your practitioner or physician, and up to your own experience of course, to decide what works best for you.

Alternating between 20 minutes of cold therapy, followed by 20 minutes of heat therapy may be extremely beneficial in your case or heat therapy only may be your therapy of choice. There is really no right or wrong in the case of hot and cold therapy for pain management and the most effective strategy is the one that works best for you.

TENS and PEMF therapy for Lower Back Pain

Rife PEMF 3 in 1 Therapy Back BraceAnother highly effective strategy for lower back pain management is TENS or PEMF therapy. There are literally dozens of studies that have been published regarding the efficacy of TENS and PEMF for pain management and literally thousands of studies on TENS therapy for the management of general pain.

TENS and PEMF therapy for lower back does not only help to reduce the pain involved in the condition but studies have also shown that TENS therapy reduces the medication and even surgery required for this type of condition.

TENS therapy supplies certain frequencies to the body via some sort of electrodes whilst PEMF therapy supplies these frequencies via a magnetic field. TENS and PEMF therapy have been found to promote and increase circulation, support cellular metabolism and reduce pain.

For more information and studies on PEMF and TENS therapy for lower back pain, click here.

Rife PEMF 3 in 1 Therapy Back Brace

The PEMF 3 in 1 Back Brace from Rife PEMF, combines compression and support with hot and cold therapy and the advantages of both TENS and PEMF therapy in a simple convenient back brace that can be worn during and after TENS therapy.

The brace contains built in TENS and PEMF electrodes that provide therapy via electrical and magnetic frequencies specifically aimed at reducing chronic and acute lower back pain. The back brace is designed to work with any Rife device that uses 3mm banana adaptors.

Rife PEMF 3 in 1 Therapy Back BraceThe back brace also comes with two hot/cool gel packs that slip into the brace. These packs can be heated in thirty seconds in a mug of hot water or they can be placed into the freezer for fifteen minutes to provide hot or cold therapy, whichever is best suited to your needs. They can be used over and over again to provide cost effective, targeted hot or cold therapy.

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