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Rife October Health Challenge

We hope you felt the benefits of the September challenge and that you continue to add circulation to your regular Rife therapy sessions.

With allergy season around the corner, adding the inflammation and allergy programs to your weekly Rife program can be highly advantageous to help you to prepare the body for the allergen onslaught and to hopefully help you to prevent allergies this season.

Inflammation is inextricably linked to allergies. The inflammatory compound IL6 for example is considered an important marker for allergic asthma and according to one study, “IL-6 may contribute to impaired lung function in allergic asthma.” By reducing inflammatory compounds, you can help to support health and reduce the effects of allergies.


One of the numerous benefits of TENS and PEMF therapy is to decrease the amount of inflammation in the body. By decreasing inflammation, you can radically improve the body’s ability to heal and the body’s ability to avoid conditions like allergies. To read about inflammation and allergies, why not read "TENS therapy for Inflammation".

For this month’s challenge we will therefore focus on inflammation.

For October commit to:

Running the Inflammation program at least 3 times a week. Since the inflammation program runs for 24 minutes, why not add it to your daily Schuman program and fight inflammation while you get a good night’s rest. To treat the entire body, use one cylinder and one body pad under the foot, alternating between left and right foot on a daily basis.




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