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Rife O2 Box – Oxygen Concentrators in South Africa

The O2 Box is an oxygen concentrator and ionizer that cleans the environment

A Healthier Environment Means a Healthier You

Rife PEMF is the leading manufacturer and supplier of medical Bio-Active Electro Frequency devices in South Africa. By complying with South African and International standards, for our medical devices, the company is committed to manufacture and supply top quality, safe and affordable devices for use both domestically and internationally.

Rife PEMF SA has decided to distribute the O2 Box in South Africa. This compact device improves air quality, increases the available oxygen supply, and improves your environment. We are proud to offer the O2 Box as an excellent addition to our range of top quality devices.

About the O2 Box Oxygen Concentrator

We all know the environment affects our health. Clean healthy air goes a long way to improving your sense of health and wellbeing. Higher oxygen concentrations in the air have the potential to help support and improve health, regenerate cells, and help your body to heal faster.

If you have heard of “sick” buildings, “sick” airplanes, and other “sick” environments, then you already know how the environment can adversely affect your health. But until now, you have had almost no influence on the environments you work, sleep and play in. The O2 Box allows you to take control of your environment and your health.

Oxygen concentrators are designed to improve the oxygen levels in your environment, remove pollutants, and provide you with clean healthy air. Using biological filters and patented oxygen production technology, these devices are perfect for home or office use. By removing pathogens, pollutants, and irritants from the environment, the O2 Box increases available oxygen supply and decreases pollutants, supporting your journey to health and wellbeing.

Oxygen for Health

Additional Oxygen Benefits the Chronically Ill

Oxygen concentrators benefit the chronically ill by increasing the amount of oxygen in the environment and therefore providing the body with extra oxygen. Chronic fatigue is one of the symptoms of a lack of oxygen in the body. By increasing the amount of oxygen in the environment and therefore by increasing the amount of oxygen you breathe, the body is given extra resources to produce energy. The body also uses oxygen to detoxify the body and to remove toxins from the body. When faced with a long-term illness, the body is under constant pressure to try to remove toxins to heal and regenerate. High oxygen environments provide added oxygen that helps the body to cope, detoxify, and regenerate.[1]

Additional Oxygen Benefits the Elderly

Cardiovascular function and circulation are vital for supporting health. The brain and heart are particularly susceptible to lower oxygen levels and when oxygen levels fall, the heart has to work harder to ensure the rest of the body receives the nutrients it needs. Cognitive functions like memory, reason, and logic are also dependent on sufficient oxygen levels.[2] By improving the quality of air in the environment you are supporting overall health and wellbeing.

Additional Oxygen for Stress, Anxiety, And Chronic Fatigue

Stress and anxiety cause the body to secrete adrenaline and adrenaline related hormones. These hormones require vast amounts of oxygen to produce energy for the body. This places a strain on the oxygen reserves of the body, and a lack of oxygen is one of the reasons why anxiety and stress can lead to fatigue. By increasing the oxygen in the environment, you can help the body cope with stress and anxiety. Increasing oxygen concentrations in the environment can also support and promote better sleep which will help your body cope with the stresses of modern life.[3]

Additional Oxygen for Skin Health

The skin is affected by your environment and the toxins in your environment. You may have seen the increase in oxygen face masks for promoting healthy looking skin. The bottom line is that oxygen is essential for healthy skin and by increasing the available oxygen in your environment, you are supporting and promoting optimal skin health.

Additional Oxygen Improves Sleep Which Improves Mood

Sleep deprivation, depression, and anxiety are all linked. When you sleep better, you feel better, your immune system functions properly, and you wake up feeling refreshed. Enriching the oxygen environment where you sleep can help to improve sleep quality thereby supporting overall health as well improving mental health and wellbeing.[4]

At just R9 000.00 Invest in Your Environment Today

The O2 Box is light and portable. It uses very little electricity and functions at less than 45Db making it perfect for your home or office environment. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of O2 at night while you are sleeping, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

The O2 Box comes fully assembled. Just plug it in and experience the benefits of living and working in a high oxygen, clean and healthy environment. Increase your productivity and experience the health benefits of the O2 Box today.

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The O2 Box is not sold as a medical device for medical use but for the improvement of the environment in general

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