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Rife Health Challenge September

The Rife health challenge is a monthly program designed to help you support and promote overall health by using your Rife PEMF regularly to support your body. We will be focusing on different areas of health each month to help you get the most from your Rife PEMF.

We are kicking off with a program designed to increase and improve circulation because healthy circulation is the foundation of overall health.

The challenge will take you less than 3 hours a week!

For September commit to:

  • Run Circulatory Stasis once a week for the next four weeks using one body pad and one cylinder for whole body treatment.
  • Run the Schumann program daily for 21 minutes using the hand held cylinders and observe how your sleeping improves your overall health.

Remember to hydrate well with a glass of lemon water before your treatment.

Happy Rifing!




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