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Rife Health Challenge Autumn

By far the greatest advantage of owing your own Rife Model MA200 is the fact that programs on the device can be used prophylactically to help to support the body in preventing conditions rather than waiting for them to occur.

Autumn officially began on the 20th of March, and as the seasons change, a lot of us often experience an increase in conditions like colds and flu. For those who suffer from these seasonal conditions, now is the time to add programs like cold and flu, bronchitis and sinusitis to your weekly Rife protocol, using them throughout April and May to help your body to fight off these conditions before they start.

Rife Health Challenge

There are several programs on your Model MA200 that can help to prepare the body to fight off seasonal conditions. These programs include the Sleep or Schumann program, the cold and flu program, the sinusitis program and of course immune system stimulation.

Unlike when you are treating a condition, using the rife prophylactically does not require you to use your machine daily, but rather once or twice a week. So, to create a program for autumn, you can easily add one or two programs each weekend or fit them into your current Rife protocol.

Here are some of benefits of adding these conditions to your autumn rife protocol.


Sleep is a vital part of treating any condition because the immune system and the body’s healing mechanisms are most active at night. That is why we suggest you use the Sleep or Schumann programs on a regular basis or every night with the Maxi MAT which allows you to treat yourself while you are sleeping. To boost the immune system add sleep to your regular protocol and especially as we move into autumn.

Cold and Flu

Depending on you, adding cold and flu to your weekly protocol can help to reduce the chances that you will develop flu this winter. Killing off pathogens and keeping them under control is the key to using your Rife machine prophylactically. If you suffer from other winter conditions then replace cold and flu with the relevant condition like bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis etc.


Sinusitis and a post nasal drip can often be the catalyst for developing other related conditions during seasonal changes. If you suffer from a post-nasal drip or sinusitis then adding this program to your Autumn protocol can help to reduce the likelihood of developing bronchitis or other chest related infections in the coming months

Immune System Stimulation

Finally, immune system stimulation is a must to help to keep your immune system in the position to fight off colds and flu. Adding immune system stimulation to your autumn protocol and even better to your monthly general rife protocol is a great way to keep your body in top fighting condition.

Autumn Rife Protocol

Over the next five weeks you could use the following protocol, or design your own around your particular needs:

Sleep program – daily or at least 3 times a week to support the natural immune system

Cold and Flu – Run once a week

Sinusitis – Run twice a week

Immune System Stimulation – 3 times a week

Here is an example protocol to follow until winter starts. The purple section is overnight treatment, yellow is daily treatment. Feel free to use this protocol to create your own or adjust it as necessary depending on your lifestyle and requirements.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
#78 Immune system stimulation #206 Sinusitis #89 Cold in head and chest #78 Immune system stimulation #206 Sinusitis #78 Immune system stimulation
#203 Schumann #203 Schumann #203 Schumann #203 Schumann #203 Schumann #203 Schumann





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