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PEMF therapy for Candida and Drug Resistant Candida

New studies suggest that PEMF therapy for candida and drug resistant candida can be a valuable addition as an adjuvant therapy for patients struggling with candida and other fungal based infections.

According to an article published in the Journal of Preventative Medicine, published in 2012, infections due to Candida have seen a dramatic increase, partially due to the increase in immunocompromised patients. Feedback from our practitioners has to a certain extent reflected this increase in fungal and candida infections.

PEMF therapy for Candida and Drug Resistant Candida

Interestingly enough, there are studies that indicate that PEMF therapy may be added to other therapies and medications to help to address the issue.

PEMF Therapy for Candida – Research

There are numerous studies which deal with the effects of Pulsed electromagnetic fields on various types of fungal infections. Pulsed electric and pulsed electromagnetic fields have even been shown to have potential applications in other industries such as the wine and fruit juice industries where PEF’s were shown to reduce fungal growth and thereby prevent spoilage of products.

In terms of biological applications, we would like to focus on the following studies:

In a study focused on Trichophyton rubrum, a fungal infection most often responsible for athlete's foot, fungal infection of nail, jock itch, and ringworm, researchers found that pulsed electric fields of 1Hz, in combination with antifungal medications itraconazole, terbinafine, and naftifine HCl, in the study case, resulted in full inactivation of the T. Rubrum colonies studied.[1]

Another study, focused on researching the influence of PH and the use of pulsed electric fields in combination with medication to help the sensitization of drug resistant strains of candida to antifungal drugs. This study found that PEF at a low pH increased the sensitivity of initially resistance C. Albicans to terbinafine and naftifine[2].

And finally, a study done on 15 strains of candida, isolated from patients, were tested for their susceptibility to miconazole after exposure to electromagnetic fields. The study showed that an increased susceptibility to miconazole occurred from the second week of exposure to electromagnetic fields of 3Hz and 12.5Hz at a strength of 2mT and 9mT. The study concluded that low frequency PEMF for a period of at least two weeks, in conjunction with miconazole, could possibly be beneficial for the treatment of Candida.[3]

PEMF Therapy for Candida - Candida Programs on the MA Home and MA Clinic Devices

The MA Home and MA Clinic devices both contain programs for the use in treating the pain of Candida. For the latest Candida protocol, please feel free to contact us for access to our latest protocols. Considering the safety profile of PEMF therapy, there is no harm adding the Candida programs to your regular patient PEMF therapy.

Based on the links between autoimmune diseases and candida, it may also be beneficial to add the candida programs or protocols to your therapy programs for your autoimmune patients. And based on the studies above, adding PEMF therapy for Candida in patients struggling with the condition, it may turn out to be a very valuable addition to your treatment protocols.

[1] Controlled inactivation of Trichophyton rubrum using shaped electrical pulse bursts: Parametric analysis

[2] Pulsed electric field-assisted sensitization of multidrug-resistant Candida albicans to antifungal drugs.

[3] Effect of electromagnetic waves on sensitivity of fungi of the genus Candida to miconazole.


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