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PEMF TENS Alzheimer Update: The Alzheimer HSV1 link

It was recently brought to our attention that in many cases, the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 could play a role in Alzheimer disease which is why we are writing the PEMF TENS Alzheimer Update. According to an article in Medical News Today, there are numerous studies which now site links between the Herpes Virus and previous Herpes infections and the development and progression of Alzheimer disease.

According to studies the Herpes Virus can harm brain cells and the accumulation of damage can contribute to the development and progression of the condition.

An article in ScienceDaily outlines how scientists at the University of Edinburgh and Manchester discovered through an epidemiological study that the use of antivirals can reduce the risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

PEMF TENS Alzheimer

The Herpes Simplex Virus is most often associated with cold sores and antiherpetic medication could therefore potentially be used to reduce the risk of both Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

PEMF therapy helps to support Alzheimer and Dementia patients by improving various symptoms within the disease by improving circulation, reducing inflammation and address pain and discomfort. For more information on how PEMF therapy benefits Alzheimer disease, please read our article. Studies also indicate that PEMF and TENS therapy can have beneficial outcomes for the nervous system and that PEMF and TENS therapy is generally considered safe, which makes PEMF TENS therapy a good choice for adjuvant therapy for Alzheimer patients.

PEMF TENS Alzheimer Update: The rife protocol for Alzheimer Disease

As a result of the above studies and many other PEMF TENS studies on Alzheimer disease, we have amended our Alzheimer protocol to include programs to address some of the Herpes Viruses mentioned in the above studies. For the herpes therapy, please use the Patch coils to ensure an effective whole body therapy.

The current protocol includes the program for the herpes virus available on the MA700 and some available on the MA200. To reprogram or upgrade your MA200, please feel free to email us.



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