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PEMF Osteoarthritis Studies – Rife Review South Africa

PEMF Osteoarthritis and Post-Operative Pain

The research with Pulsed Electro- Magnetic frequency is escalating at a dizzy rate. Twenty years ago it was looked upon as a waste of time, but now it seems as if every branch of medicine is jumping with joy at the results in their respective areas.

a021762a-daaa-43c7-a7e7-83266f9245d8A study on PEMF Osteoarthritis , a condition that has potentially  devastating effects in the elderly, shows statistically increasing beneficial effects on bone mineral density when PEMF was tested over a period of 12 weeks.

Once again please notice that the treatment is constant over an extended period for best results, too often results are expected too soon. We have numerous clients in South Africa using PEMF for osteoarthritis and joint pain, and many of them have seen excellent results.

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Plastic Surgeons have found that PEMF is a powerful tool with no known side effects for the management of post operative pain and oedema. It is also interesting that the research is so far in the ELF or extra low frequency range. It baffles me why, when the body’s own frequencies are in this range, there are people trying to convince others that their illegal, unlicensed instruments, functioning in the Ultra High Range are the ones that should be preferred! When in doubt contact Mr. Johan Uys at the Radiation Dept.on Tel. No.021-9461581.

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