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PEMF for Sport – Introducing the PEMF Sport-Health Pro

PEMF for Sport

PEMF for sport and the modern sportsman - improve health, improve performance

PEMF Therapy for the Modern Athlete

As an athlete you rely on your body and your training to keep you at the top of your game. To be a top athlete you need your cells to function at the highest levels and for your cells to function they need circulation, oxygen, and electricity. The faster your body can supply blood to your cells, the more efficiently your cells work for you. You rely on your body’s electrical system for your reflexes and for muscle function. The faster your nervous system is, the better you can react. Finally, you rely on oxygen to power your cells and the more oxygen you have, the more energy you can produce.

PEMF for sport and PEMF therapy in general  improves circulation, cellular metabolism, nerve function, tissue oxygenation, and it reduces inflammation. Top sportsmen all over the world are starting to utilize the huge benefits offered by PEMF for sport to help to improve their training, performance, and their overall health.

What is PEMF

PEMF is an acronym for pulsed electromagnetic frequencies and these frequencies offer numerous health benefits. Pulsed electromagnetic therapy has been used in medicine for decades to help treat depression, to promote healthy bone growth, and to speed up wound healing and regeneration.

Electromagnetic fields are all around us. The earth itself creates a magnetic field that is partially responsible for this beautiful planet, and we live in and draw from this magnetic field on a daily basis to support our own health and wellbeing. Lightning strikes this planet over 100 times per second, recharging the earth, and contributing to the magnetic field.

You are an electrical being. Your cells generate and use electricity to function and to communicate with one another and for the most part, your body receives its charge from the earth and the earth’s magnetic field. Your cells rely on a healthy steady voltage to remain charged and healthy. If fact, we speak of feeling energized and “charged” when we are healthy! We talk of feeling low and need to
“recharge” by going on holiday.

Studies show that PEMF:

  • Reduces inflammation[1]
  • PEMF improves the cellular activities of various cells[2]
  • PEMF improves circulation and microvascular perfusion[3]
  • PEMF improves cellular oxygenation[4]
  • PEMF speeds up wound healing and injury recovery times[5]

In fact, most modern hospitals rely on PEMF therapy to improve and promote bone healing in serious fracture cases.

PEMF for Sport: Introducing the Model MA700 by Rife PEMF

Now you have access to this amazing technology in the comfort of your own home to help support your training regimen. Whether you are treating a joint or muscle injury, or taking advantage of the systemic benefits of PEMF like improving circulation and tissue oxygenation, you will benefit from your own PEMF therapy device.


The Model MA700 includes programs is specially designed for the modern athlete. It offers programs designed to promote circulation, support detoxification, and improve muscle relaxation after training and to encourage healthy sleep and relaxation. It also includes programs for inflammation, pain, and injury, helping to keep you on track with your training program.

The MA700 provides:

  1. Circulation
  2. Detoxification
  3. Muscle relaxation
  4. Sleep, relaxation and rejuvenation
  5. Immune system Stimulation
  6. Inflammation
  7. Muscle Pain & Injury
  8. Joint pain & Inflammation
  9. Wound Healing
  10. Stiff muscles

Rent the MA700 or buy your instrument. Experience the Sport-Health Pro advantage. Call us today on 082 882 0640 or email us at sales@rifePEMF.com to reserve your MA700 or for further information.

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