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PEMF for Multiple Sclerosis – The Protocol

There are a number of interesting studies that deal with the use of TENS and PEMF for Multiple Sclerosis patients. These studies deal with the effects of EMF therapy as well as TENS and tDCS. The parameters of these studies are not dissimilar to the outputs of the Rife Model MA device. Since the underlying cause of multiple sclerosis is not yet known, therapies aimed at improving the symptoms are currently the best indication of how to approach therapy in cases of MS. To read more about PEMF and TENS for Multiple Sclerosis, click here.

PEMF for Multiple Sclerosis

TENS and PEMF for Multiple sclerosis studies on MS include:

TENS therapy is even listed as one of the accepted therapies by the MSTrust in the UK.

The following protocol takes into account some of the studies on Multiple Sclerosis and is based on practical usage by practitioners using the Model MA for multiple sclerosis. The protocol is merely an idea of what programs could be beneficial for this condition.

Please consider using the suggesting programs and creating your own protocol that suits your patients or your own lifestyle needs. Some programs may provide more relief than others. Please feel free to adjust the protocol for these circumstances.

PEMF for Multiple sclerosis - The Protocol

Multiple Sclerosis – At least 3 to 6 times a week
Circulation – Three times a week
Inflammation – Three times a week
Nerve and nervous disorders  – Three times a week
Relaxation and Meditation – Twice a week – to promote muscle relaxation
Detox and Lymph drainage – At least once a week
Sleep/Schumann – Every night to support healing and sleep
Pain frequencies as necessary to manage specific types of pain

Create a schedule that suits your lifestyle using longer programs on the days you have more time and shorter ones on busier days.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Daytime Multiple Sclerosis


Nerve and nervous disorders

Multiple Sclerosis

Nerve and nervous disorders
Multiple Sclerosis



Nerve and nervous disorders




Multiple Sclerosis

Detox and Lymph drainage

Overnight Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann
Additional – if necessary Pain Pain Pain Pain Pain Pain Pain




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