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Original Letters from Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

Greetings Fellow Rifers,

Time most certainly does fly! It is rapidly approaching 25 years ago, that I went to San Diego in an attempt to meet with as many people as I could who actually had met Dr Royal Rife, worked with him or had whatever contact it was to enable them to enlighten me. This need of mine grew from the fact that I had personally witnessed a man walk away from Cancer in a mere three months and his friend from Diabetes which had plagued him for thirty-four years!

Whilst in San Diego I was given two files of Rife’s personal correspondence with interested parties regarding both the development and after sales service of his instrument.

For those people who became aware of Rife’s work more recently, and for those who are entering the Rife field at this point in time, I include parts of some of the letters which I hope will clear some of the more confusing aspects which still come up.

A letter dated 23rd.April 1958, from a Dr. Jeppson, one of the Doctors who decided to experiment with this new apparatus in his practice had, and I quote, ‘constant trouble with it in trying to keep it (the machine) calibrated’.

April 23 1958

A similar problem (that seemed to be recurring) regarding the need for recalibration was experienced by a Dr. Stafford to which Rife replied as follows on the 25th of October 1958 –

October 25 1958

The letter describes the development of the Frequency Instrument that exists in its current form excluding the light function which Rife and Crane, his partner had started.

Finally, there are still and will probably always be those who are not prepared to fork out the funds that are required to licence their instruments in accordance with legal safety requirements, Rife being the Professional man that he was by October 1965 was still pursuing the licensing of his instrument! In accordance with the legal requirements!

November 17 1965

Our Rife Resonator was licensed Internationally as well as locally in 2002 meeting all the requirements, so when comparing please bear in mind the differences of the devices before deciding! There is a huge amount of research ongoing in the world today, by far the greatest search is using PEMF (pulsed electro- magnetic frequency) our instrument is equipped in this regard as compared with the majority of illegal instruments that are TENS equipped.

Kind regards,

Happy Rifing,


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