Rife PEMF can support your health, your family’s health and even support you financially. Some of our clients have become a part of our team and we welcome the opportunity to work with you to make your future healthier, both physically and financially. Our monthly rent to buy program offers you a way to create passive income from all of your Rife PEMF referrals.

Our business has grown primarily as a result of word of mouth. When clients experience the benefits of PEMF, they invariably want to share that experience with friends and family, and in order to thank them for their recommendations, we have set up our client referral system.

Many of our clients become our agents. If you want to join our team, then please email us to become a Rife agent or contact me on 082 888 3223 for more details about our agent referral program.

We also work with medical practitioners to help to provide this amazing technology to patients. If you are a practitioner, please contact us for our practitioner programs.