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PEMF for Boosting the Immune System

Rife Health Challenge Spring Protocol

Celebrating Spring with our Spring Health Protocol

Happy spring day! Like bears, emerging from hibernation, the advent of spring means new energy, new beginnings and a more active lifestyle the days become longer and warmer. Sadly, it also means an increase in allergies for some.  To help you get in gear for the coming months, we have a special spring protocol to help you detox, rev up your metabolism and get you ready for a healthy summer. We have also added our allergy protocol for those of you who suffer from seasonal allergies.

PEMF for Boosting the Immune System

The Spring Protocol Programs

Schumann Program - Revving up your energy starts with a good night’s sleep. Who doesn’t have a great day when you literally jump out of bed after an awesome night’s rest? The Schumann program is great for enhancing sleep which is why it is a vital part of our spring protocol.

Detox and lymph drainage This program will help you get rid of toxins and help to get your metabolism working at optimal levels.

Liver Support - Since the liver is vital in energy production, a little liver support can go a long way to supporting your healthy summer. And while we are on the topic of support, kidney support can also help to promote optimal health.

Our spring protocol is part of our Rife Health challenge, so make a commitment to add these programs to your daily rife therapy and get your body ready for an awesome summer.

This program is designed over a two-week period.

Create a schedule that suits your lifestyle using longer programs on the days you have more time and shorter ones on busier days.

An example program:

Week 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Daytime Liver Support Circulation Detox and Lymph Drainage Kidney Support Liver Support Circulation Detox and Lymph Drainage
Overnight Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann
Week 2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Daytime Lyme and Rocky Mountain Fever


Lyme’s Disease

Bacteria Borrelia

Lyme and Rocky Mountain Fever


Lyme’s Disease



Bacteria Borrelia

Lyme and Rocky Mountain Fever

Liver Support

Lyme’s Disease Bacteria Borrelia

Detox and Lymph drainage

Overnight Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann Schumann


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TENS PEMF for Fatigue

November – Fighting Fatigue

So many of us write off fatigue and the effects of fatigue, particularly at this time of year. After all, we will be going on vacation soon, so why worry about exhaustion now? The truth is that fatigue should be a red flag in terms of your health and if you have a Rife PEMF machine, then you should consider taking advantage of the available programs to support health and to help you fight off fatigue.

November is like running the last five kilometers of a marathon. The finish line is in sight; Christmas vacation is around the corner; you deserve a medal for your efforts throughout the year; and yet, after burning both ends of the candle for the past nine months, the finish line almost seems out of reach. That is why the November Rife Health Challenge is going to focus on fatigue and how you can use your Rife PEMF device to fight the effects of fatigue.

We urge you not to write off the fact that you are feeling fatigued. Although mainstream medicine sees fatigue as a symptom of a disease, the truth is that energy is one of the most direct signs of your state of health. If you have no energy, the body has no energy, and if your body has no energy then you cannot maintain a healthy state.

Start paying attention to how energetic you feel. When your energy levels are low, act. Don’t wait for the body to become ill to force you to rest. Rest, relaxation and sleep are all vital to give your body the time to heal and to allow your body to produce the energy you need to thrive.

PEMF and TENS therapy have been shown to support a healthy metabolism, to reduce fatigue and to improve overall health by supporting mechanisms like circulation and tissue oxygenation. These factors all contribute to improving your energy levels. The following programs can help you through these last few weeks before Christmas.

For the November Health Challenge commit to improving sleep and energy to fight fatigue.

  1. Run the Schumann program daily, last thing at night before bed using whole body treatment. Better still, use the Maxi MAT and run Schumann while you are sleeping. Improving the quality of sleep will go a long way to helping you reduce fatigue.
  2. Run circulation twice a week to improve overall energy levels. Circulation brings vital oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the body. By providing these building blocks to your cells, your body will automatically have more energy.

Read our latest blog article for more information on how TENS and PEMF therapy boosts energy to reduce fatigue.

TENS for Fatigue

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TENS PEMF for Fatigue

TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigue

Fatigue is one of the first signs that your body needs help and yet most of us ignore this vital clue, with devastating health consequences. Stress and lack of sleep are currently the considered the demons of modern health and they have been recognized as the underlying cause of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and even diabetes. Both stress and lack of sleep are characterized by fatigue. TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigue, but it is vital to acknowledge and recognize that you are fatigued.

TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigueThe bottom line is that nothing in the universe can exist without energy. From the smallest nuclear particles to entire solar systems, without energy systems fail and your body is one of those systems. Each cell produces energy for you, and for its own health and survival. If you are low on energy, your cells are low on energy. If your cells are low on energy they cannot function properly and your body will suffer if you do not take steps to remedy the problem.

There are of course several ways to solve your energy crisis. Diet, sleep, healthy periods of rest and relaxation, all give your body the chance to heal and regenerate to allow it to produce the levels of energy you need. But diet and rest are not the only elements that provide energy to the body.

Your body is an electrical system. Your cells use electrical potential to produce energy. Your muscles use electrical energy to contract and relax. Your brain uses electrical energy to transmit thoughts, to retrieve memories and to allow you to function both mentally and physically. In fact, every organ in the body relies on electrical energy to function. TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigue by supplying energy directly to the cells and to the body.

TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigue – The Research

Although the production of energy is an exceedingly complex subject and far beyond the scope of this article, put simply, your cells manufacture energy by creating situations that produce electricity or electrical potential. Your cells, for example, use different compounds like salt to create an electrical potential between the cell and the surrounding area.

Salt is essentially a positive sodium and a negative chloride atom. A positive charge on one side of the cell membrane and a negative charge on the other side of a membrane creates an electrical potential that produces electrical energy and this is one of the energy sources your cells use to function.

There are hundreds if not thousands of compounds involved in producing energy and by measuring the compounds that play a role in the production of energy you can see if certain types of therapies affect the energy of cells.

Research on TENS and PEMF therapy have shown that this type of therapy affects energy levels at cellular level. A study published over 25 years ago showed that electrical stimulation of muscle at 10Hz for extended periods of time increased the activity of one of certain compounds by three-fold. The enzyme that it increased is called cytochrome-c-oxidase, a compound that plays a vital role in allowing your cells to produce energy.

You may not have heard of cytochrome-c-oxidase but you have probably come across glucose and you probably also know that glucose is inextricably linked to energy production. In another study on electrical stimulation at 10Hz, researches used brain imaging to show that stimulation at 10Hz increased glucose metabolism in the brain. In other words, it increased the amount of energy the brain cells produced.

Although compounds like glucose and cytochrome-c-oxidase can indicate an increase in energy, measurement of these compounds is not the only way to determine if PEMF and TENS increase energy. People are more than capable of determining whether a certain type of therapy has increased their energy levels.

There are in fact numerous studies that show that patients had an increase in energy and a decrease in fatigue levels after PEMF or electrical therapies like TENS.

In a double-placebo controlled trial done on patients suffering from MS induced fatigue, researchers found that PEMF therapy resulted in improvements in fatigue and in improvements in the patients’ overall quality of life. TENS therapy was shown to reduce fatigue, clot formation and pain in patients with dysmenorrhea. In this study said:

“Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation alone provided good to excellent subjective pain relief in 42.4% of subjects, compared with 3.2% with placebo TENS, and significantly reduced diarrhea, menstrual flow, clot formation, and fatigue compared with placebo TENS.”

TENS and PEMF have been successfully used in MS, Fibromyalgia, dysmenorrhea and a host of other conditions. There are even studies on healthy individuals showing that TENS and PEMF therapy can improve energy levels and overall athletic performance. In fact, numerous athletes are turning to PEMF for sport training and improvement.

TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigue – Simple energy

The beauty of PEMF and TENS therapy is that it provides a safe, affordable and simple way to provide the body with additional energy. It has also been shown to improve circulation and that leads to higher oxygenation of the tissues which ultimately leads to a healthier you. Practitioners also use TENS therapy for inflammation. Since inflammation, stress and lack of sleep often go hand in hand, TENS and PEMF therapy could be a valuable tool in reducing the three major risks to overall health.

Rife PEMF has been providing top quality Rife machines to South African patients and medical practitioners for over twenty-five years. Our machines are legally licensed in South Africa and we are the only Rife PEMF company to offer an affordable rent to buy option to our clients. To find out about our latest devices, accessories and health promotion programs, feel free to contact us via email at or via cell/sms or whatsapp on 082 888 3223.

If you already have a device, then why not sign up for our monthly health challenge using the form below and see how to use your Rife device for TENS and PEMF therapy boost energy to reduce fatigue.

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Rife PEMF – Supporting your journey to a healthier, happier you.

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PEMF Osteoarthritis Studies – Rife Review South Africa

PEMF Osteoarthritis and Post-Operative Pain

The research with Pulsed Electro- Magnetic frequency is escalating at a dizzy rate. Twenty years ago it was looked upon as a waste of time, but now it seems as if every branch of medicine is jumping with joy at the results in their respective areas.

a021762a-daaa-43c7-a7e7-83266f9245d8A study on PEMF Osteoarthritis , a condition that has potentially  devastating effects in the elderly, shows statistically increasing beneficial effects on bone mineral density when PEMF was tested over a period of 12 weeks.

Once again please notice that the treatment is constant over an extended period for best results, too often results are expected too soon. We have numerous clients in South Africa using PEMF for osteoarthritis and joint pain, and many of them have seen excellent results.

Rent your PEMF Osteoarthritis device in South Africa.

To Rent your Rife PEMF device now in South Africa, email us.

Plastic Surgeons have found that PEMF is a powerful tool with no known side effects for the management of post operative pain and oedema. It is also interesting that the research is so far in the ELF or extra low frequency range. It baffles me why, when the body’s own frequencies are in this range, there are people trying to convince others that their illegal, unlicensed instruments, functioning in the Ultra High Range are the ones that should be preferred! When in doubt contact Mr. Johan Uys at the Radiation Dept.on Tel. No.021-9461581.

If there is anything that I am able to help you with, feel free to call me.

Happy Rifing.


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FDA Warns Painkillers Increase Heart Attacks

PEMF is a safer option for Pain Management

Rife Review 2015-8-20.

The FDA have put out a stern warning regarding the very popular pain killers known as NISAIDs, these drugs are used as anti-inflammatory and pain killers in typically arthritis and associated conditions, menstrual cramps, headaches, colds etc. Many of these are extensively advertised and available over the counter containing ingredients such as ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac and celecoxib. The warning comes as a result of combined analyses of clinical trials and other scientific publications.

In fact these studies estimate that a person’s relative risk of heart attack and stroke increases between 10% to 50% when they regularly take NISAIDs irrespective of whether you have a heart condition or not!

Rife PEMF rentals and sales South Africa

Rife PEMF rentals and sales South Africa

Should anyone using these medicines experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, weakness in one side of their body or slurred speech, then you should seek medical attention immediately.

So much for the bad news. The good news is that all of the foregoing conditions can be successfully treated with PEMF – pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy which is non-invasive has no side effects and is easy to use!

I chose three studies on the management of osteoarthritis – related pain, stiffness, and physical function. The conclusion of these studies shows that PEMF improves all of these significantly.

In a clinical trial on PEMF, “The trial on 34 patients found that non-thermal, non-invasive PEMF therapy can have a significant and rapid impact on pain from early knee OA”

In another study: “The present study provided suggestive evidence supporting PEMF efficacy in the management of knee OA.”

And finally: “The present study shows that PEMF therapy improves pain, stiffness and physical function in elderly patients affected by knee osteoarthritis”

PEMF Case Reports From South Africa

We are extremely grateful to all of you for sharing your Rife Experiences with us. Our most recent case report comes from a practitioner in the Western Cape who used Rife and Ozine therapy for B Cell Lymphoma.

We are pleased to report that the cancer is in regression, and the therapy extremely successful. If you would like a copy of the treatment regimen and reports, please email us.

We also received a report from Pretoria on the highly successful management of blood sugar levels using the Rife UA magnetic upgrade with the body MATs.

We would love to hear from you. Please send us your reports and success stories.

For more information on the MATs, the latest Rife PEMF device or advice, please email us, or download the latest brochure.

Yours in Good Health,

082 882 0640

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Nasa Uses PEMF Therapy

Rife Review January 2015


A review of a statement released by NASA, (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of America) makes very interesting reading in my humble opinion.  NASA announced that they had invested $3.5 million dollars in research of PEMF energy to evaluate the efficacy thereof in the treatment of, one can only assume, those problems that are occurring on the space missions.

Their investigation included the effect on growth and repair of mammalian tissues including both bone and nerve .They also investigated neurodegenerative diseases namely Parkinsons and Alzheimers and finally osteoporosis which they indicated resulted in kidney stones occurring on these missions  Their results were beyond all expectations which is what any owner of a Rife Resonator would expect.

RifePEMFKneePainOne hopes sincerely that there is not too much Alzheimers or Parkinsons during these missions since that could be catastrophic!  When one considers a space mission it must obviously occur that it would be extremely difficult to pack up a First-aid kit for the journey!  It would be far too much to expect an admission that a simple Rife Resonator could handle the job with ease and in fact did from the very first mission.  The research done by NASA, in fact, was first reported by Rife and later by Dr. R.O. Becker. However it seems that it is inevitable that the truth will come out and yes it will come from brilliant research of the establishment. One hopes that Dr. Rife will one day get the full credit he so richly deserves.

Once again if you have not had your instrument upgraded with the magnetic component it is well worth it since all of the research currently in process is about PEMF and the results are more than encouraging. Please feel free to talk to me about your Rife requirements,

George 082 8820640.


RifePEMFLeaders65 jarige ou man met toenemende prostatisme oor 5 jaar tydperk . In lyn vir TUR in die nabye toekoms. Erge afwagting, afname in stroom , nadruppeliring , drangurie,uritrale afskeiding, strangurie, frekwensie nokturie en hematurie.Na vier behandelings is simptome 95% weg , operasie gekanseleer.

Mr. H. L.sustained severe burns to his left forearm and his chest after spilling boiling oil on himself. The burnt area kept on ice overnight in an attempt to minimise the injury , but there was still considerable tissue damage. I treated him with low energy laser and dressings but by the fourth day the wound became infected .I then treated him with the Rife Resonator on alternate days for five treatments, and achieved perfect healing.

Mr. J.V.was burnt while on a fire fighting course.He sustained a deep circumferential burn to his right wrist which was exceedingly painful.I immediately put him on the Rife Resonator for twenty minutes on the pain frequencies and achieved considerable reduction of pain.Thereafter I treated him with  low energy laser and daily treatments on the Rife using the pain and burn frequencies.One week after the burn there was very little pain and approximately50% healing had occurred.

Rife PEMF technology is now available for rental or purchase!