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PEMF for Sport – Introducing the PEMF Sport-Health Pro

PEMF for Sport

PEMF for sport and the modern sportsman - improve health, improve performance

PEMF Therapy for the Modern Athlete

As an athlete you rely on your body and your training to keep you at the top of your game. To be a top athlete you need your cells to function at the highest levels and for your cells to function they need circulation, oxygen, and electricity. The faster your body can supply blood to your cells, the more efficiently your cells work for you. You rely on your body’s electrical system for your reflexes and for muscle function. The faster your nervous system is, the better you can react. Finally, you rely on oxygen to power your cells and the more oxygen you have, the more energy you can produce.

PEMF for sport and PEMF therapy in general  improves circulation, cellular metabolism, nerve function, tissue oxygenation, and it reduces inflammation. Top sportsmen all over the world are starting to utilize the huge benefits offered by PEMF for sport to help to improve their training, performance, and their overall health.

What is PEMF

PEMF is an acronym for pulsed electromagnetic frequencies and these frequencies offer numerous health benefits. Pulsed electromagnetic therapy has been used in medicine for decades to help treat depression, to promote healthy bone growth, and to speed up wound healing and regeneration.

Electromagnetic fields are all around us. The earth itself creates a magnetic field that is partially responsible for this beautiful planet, and we live in and draw from this magnetic field on a daily basis to support our own health and wellbeing. Lightning strikes this planet over 100 times per second, recharging the earth, and contributing to the magnetic field.

You are an electrical being. Your cells generate and use electricity to function and to communicate with one another and for the most part, your body receives its charge from the earth and the earth’s magnetic field. Your cells rely on a healthy steady voltage to remain charged and healthy. If fact, we speak of feeling energized and “charged” when we are healthy! We talk of feeling low and need to
“recharge” by going on holiday.

Studies show that PEMF:

  • Reduces inflammation[1]
  • PEMF improves the cellular activities of various cells[2]
  • PEMF improves circulation and microvascular perfusion[3]
  • PEMF improves cellular oxygenation[4]
  • PEMF speeds up wound healing and injury recovery times[5]

In fact, most modern hospitals rely on PEMF therapy to improve and promote bone healing in serious fracture cases.

PEMF for Sport: Introducing the Model MA700 by Rife PEMF

Now you have access to this amazing technology in the comfort of your own home to help support your training regimen. Whether you are treating a joint or muscle injury, or taking advantage of the systemic benefits of PEMF like improving circulation and tissue oxygenation, you will benefit from your own PEMF therapy device.


The Model MA700 includes programs is specially designed for the modern athlete. It offers programs designed to promote circulation, support detoxification, and improve muscle relaxation after training and to encourage healthy sleep and relaxation. It also includes programs for inflammation, pain, and injury, helping to keep you on track with your training program.

The MA700 provides:

  1. Circulation
  2. Detoxification
  3. Muscle relaxation
  4. Sleep, relaxation and rejuvenation
  5. Immune system Stimulation
  6. Inflammation
  7. Muscle Pain & Injury
  8. Joint pain & Inflammation
  9. Wound Healing
  10. Stiff muscles

Rent the MA700 or buy your instrument. Experience the Sport-Health Pro advantage. Call us today on 082 882 0640 or email us at to reserve your MA700 or for further information.






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Diabetic Foot Ulcers – Diabetic foot care with PEMF

In spite of the incredible medical breakthroughs made over the last century, little has changed in terms of wound care for the diabetic foot ulcer. Silver wound dressings, moist wound therapy and pressure bandages are essentially the only tools the medical field have to offer in terms of treatment. Other than the new studies, which show that PEMF actually speeds diabetic wound healing, that is.

Diabetes is top killer in the Western Cape and fifth in South Africa. With three and a half million South Africans suffering from the disease, more people die of complications of diabetes than any other natural cause of death.

One of the greatest concerns for a diabetic patient is developing complications like peripheral circulation problems and diabetic ulcers. Up to 25% of patients who suffer from Diabetes, experience a diabetic foot ulcer at some stage of their lives with many of these ulcers resulting in amputation. The cost to South Africans is exorbitant, the cost to the patient is devastating. That is why proper diabetic foot care is vital for all diabetic patients.

The Problems with Diabetic Foot Ulcer Care in South Africa

Diabetic ulcers are notoriously difficult to treat. This is due to the complications that normally occur with diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy or neuropathy in the feet and lack of sensitivity in the extremities means that diabetic patients often do not realize that they have a wound to begin with. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy allows wounds to develop and worsen before they are discovered and treated. Diabetic foot infections develop quickly and once the wounds have developed they can be almost impossible to treat.

Add to that the fact that circulation in the extremities is often compromised in diabetic patients, and you have a devastating combination. When wounds don’t heal, the only option is to cut away the dead or dying tissue in the hopes that the “new” wound will trigger the healing process at the site of the wound.

How PEMF Therapy can help The Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment Process

Circulation is vital for the healing of diabetic foot ulcers.

PEMF therapy and the Rife PEMF device have been shown to help to improve circulation. When used at the site of injury the improvement in circulation means that the healing process is encouraged, improving your chances of successful treatment.

Diabetic foot care PEMFCirculation is vital for the wound healing process. The circulation in an area is vital for removing dead tissue, for removing the debris from the wound and for removing the toxins from the area. Circulation is also vital for providing nutrients to the wound area. Increased nutrients to the area means the body has the building blocks to repair damaged tissue and to build new cells. By improving circulation, you are therefore supporting the entire wound healing process.

In a study on PEMF, researchers showed that PEMF improved microcirculation. The researchers concluded that, “local application of a specific PEMF waveform can elicit significant arteriolar vasodilation.”

PEMF and Diabetic Foot Ulcers

In another pilot study done specifically on diabetic foot ulcer, researchers found that application of PEMF at the site of the wound improved the diabetic foot ulcer wound healing in the PEMF group. The study concluded that the PEMF group have a significant improvement in circulation – that the capillary blood velocity have increased by 28% - and that the capillaries had increased in volume or diameter by 14%. The study therefore concluded that PEMF therapy actually accelerates wound healing and that one of the underlying reasons for the accelerated wound healing is the improvement of circulation at the wound site itself.

The Rife PEMF device has been used on a number of diabetic foot ulcer wounds in South Africa with excellent results in terms of improving circulation and supporting the wound healing process. You can email us for case studies and specific details.

The RIFE PEMF device is now available for rental from R550.00 per month or for sale. Email us to rent your device today.

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New Rife PEMF MAT Available


Introducing the NEW Rife PEMF M.A.T. Range

Rife PEMF is the leading manufacturer and supplier of medical Bio-Active Electro Frequency devices in South Africa. By complying with South African and International standards for our medical devices, the company is committed to manufacture and supply top quality, safe, and affordable devices for medical use both domestically and internationally.

MATMiniAs part of our commitment to ongoing research, improvement, and development, we are proud to introduce the new Rife PEMF Magnetic Augmentation Terminal or M.A.T. Range of Accessories. These Magnetic Augmentation Terminals bring state of the art magnetic fields to the site of the terminals, providing more effective magnetic field involvement into your current therapy and treatments.

Designed to augment the New PEMF devices and to provide a measure of magnetic benefit to older devices that have not been upgraded, the magnetic terminals are based on the studies and research of James L. Oschman PhD and they incorporate toroidal magnetic mechanics to help you take your treatments to the next level in terms of magnetic efficacy.

The M.A.T. range of accessories have been specifically designed to make the use of your Rife device even more practical and effective. The range consists of the large Maxi M.A.T. designed for bedridden patients or large pets; the Mini M.A.T designed for smaller application areas and for smaller pets; the body pads designed to provide ultimate comfort during treatment, and the new magnetic cylinders.

The M.A.T. range has also been designed for use with any banana clip technology and may be used with other Rife devices as well, although they are best used with our Rife PEMF devices.

Our resonators are based on a unique blend of original Rife technology in conjunction with state of the art PEMF technology. The new M.A.T. range is designed to take that technology into the twenty first century to provide superior magnetic and electromagnetic therapy.

MAT Accessories

There are currently 4 M.A.T. accessories available. Each M.A.T. is designed to make applying your Rife therapy even simpler and more effective.

Designed with the user in mind, these M.A.T.s can be used on ALL Rife machines that currently use the banana clip for accessories.

The Mini M.A.T.

IMG-20150417-00302The mini M.A.T. is designed to make Rife Therapy both simple and magnetically effective. Perfect for comfortable back treatments. The Mini M.A.T. can be placed on your chair or wheelchair for a full upper body magnetic session. It can be placed on the stomach for effective treatment of gastric complaints. Perfect for treating your small breed dogs and cats with ease. It fits into most small pet carriers.

Key Features:

  • Incorporates advanced magnetic coil technology
  • Simple Banana clip terminals make it suitable for ALL Rife and Rife PEMF devices
  • Measures approx. 16cm x 34cm
  • Perfect for small pet carriers, for application to the back and for use on the stomach
  • Trade in your plates at R100.00 discount!
  • Buy Your Mini MAT today for R649.00

The Maxi M.A.T.

MaxiDesigned for wide area magnetic application, the Maxi M.A.T. has been designed to allow you to add magnetic therapy for bedridden patients or to extend the area of your therapy table. Perfect for large breed dogs, the magnetic Maxi M.A.T. provides added coverage for effective magnetic treatments.

Key Features:

  • Incorporates advanced magnetic coil technology
  • Simple Banana clip terminals make it suitable for ALL Rife and Rife PEMF devices
  • Measures approx. 25cm x 60cm
  • Perfect for larger pet carriers, for use on therapy tables and for bedridden patients, the Maxi M.A.T. provides a larger magnetic area for general treatment
  • Buy Your Maxi MAT today for R749.00

Trade in your plates at R100.00 discount!

The Body M.A.T.s

IMG-20150417-00304The super comfortable body MAT range comes with adjustable straps to allow for the simple, effective treatment of all body areas.

The mini straps allow the pads to be strapped to each side of the knee, and the large straps allow for the pads to be applied to either side of the abdomen or other areas.

Key Features:

  • Incorporates advanced magnetic coil technology
  • Simple Banana clip terminals make it suitable for ALL Rife and Rife PEMF devices
  • Measures approx. 14cm x 10cm
  • Perfect for targeting specific areas of the body like knees, elbows, lower back or abdomen.
  • The Body M.A.T.s come with 3 adjustable straps to allow for multiple areas of application.
  • Trade in your plates at R100.00 discount!
  • Buy Your Body MATs today for R449.00

The M.A.T Cylinders

CylindersDesigned to replace the previous Rife PEMF cylinders, the new MAT cylinders incorporate magnetic technology to augment your Rife PEMF device or to add a magnetic aspect to your standard Rife Device.

Key Features:


  • Incorporates advanced magnetic coil technology
  • Simple Banana clip terminals make it suitable for ALL Rife and Rife PEMF devices
  • Perfect for use with ALL Rife devices the magnetic cylinders are designed to replace the old cylinders with more effective magnetic therapy
  • Trade in your old cylinders and receive a R100.00 discount!
  • Buy Your MAT Cylinders today for R549.00

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PEMF Therapy Now in South Africa

PEMF Therapy, NASA and Rife

It is possible that you have never heard of Royal Raymond Rife, but you must know who NASA is. In studies published last year, NASA published its findings on PEMF therapy for tissue repair and healing with spectacular results. Tissue repair and overall healing rates were improved significantly using PEMF technology. And this amazing technology is now available for rental in South Africa!

PEMF Therapy

PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency therapy is based on electro frequencies that are used in with pulsed magnetic fields to help improve and support health. This technology also activates certain functions within the body to support general health.

Although NASA is new to the technology in terms of studies published, this technology is certainly not new. There are hundreds of scientific papers on the subject and PEMF even featured on the Dr. Oz. show where Dr. Oz called PEMF as “the future of medicine.” And we completely agree. As a non-invasive, drug-less,  alternative to regular painkillers, PEMF technology definitely has a place in the future or medicine.

It is sad that this technology has been available for more than 100 years and that the public are only now being told about the benefits of PEMF. Royal Raymond Rife was born 1888. He was the scientist who first discovered that frequencies  can be beneficial for medical applications. Royal Rife built his reputation as a preeminent scientist and was recognized for his ability to build microscopes that were centuries ahead of their time - literally! The world has yet to credit him for his most important discovery - that frequencies affect microbes and that they can be used to heal and reduce pain. The video below you show you his work win connection with how frequencies affect microbes:

“Royal Rife Microscope shatters Cancer”

So how can PEMF aid the Cancer Patient in South Africa today?

PEMF Therapy and Overall Health

Legally are not allowed to make the claim that PEMF can cure your cancer and we do not make that claim. Rife PEMF technology does however speed up the healing process significantly (according to NASA and other studies) For cancer patients, this is vital. The healthier a cancer patient is, the more they can fight the disease. Quality of life, and psychology play a vital role in beating cancer and PEMF can support both quality of life and improve depression to help the cancer patient fight the disease.

According to NASA, healing  and tissue repair is increased by up to five times, and for a patient struggling to fight the battle may make all the difference to supporting the patient. In cancer, the body needs to consistently replace diseased cells with new cells that are healthy. Increasing the how fast tissue heals and repairs may therefore help the goals of the cancer patient.

PEMF Therapy and The Management of Pain

There are extensive studies published on PEMF and pain management. PEMF has been shown to be extremely beneficial as a pain management therapy and is widely recommended as pain relief therapy. Since the quality of life of a cancer patient can benefit from this type of therapy for pain management, PEMF may be a good alternative to painkillers. PEMF may also be used to promote optimal circulation and to help support the cells in energy creation to encourage cells to perform at optimal levels.

Here are just a few of the studies on pain management:

  • PEMF therapy on OsteoArthritis - “PEMFtherapy can have a significant and rapid impact on pain from early knee OA and that larger clinical trials are warranted”
  • PEMF therapy and treatment of facial rhytides - “all patients rated the treatment to be free ofpain on the VAS pain scale”
  • PEMF therapy and arthritis – “The present study shows thatPEMF therapy improves pain, stiffness and physical function in elderly patients”
  • PEMF therapy and Diabetic Neuropathy – “Low-frequencyPEMF can be used as an adjunct in reducing neuropathic pain as well as for retarding the progression of neuropathy in a short span of time.”

Since neuropathy and neuropathic pain play vital roles in cancer therapy, PEMF technology may offer huge benefits for the cancer patient.

PEMF and Fatigue

PEMF therapy energizes the cells at a cellular level. In one published paper, PEMF therapy was very helpful in relieving the fatigue levels of patients: “Low-frequency PEMF therapy might improve function, pain, fatigue, and global status in FM patients.”

Fatigue plays a vital role in the symptoms of cancer patients. Cancer patients can therefore expect to get the benefits of Rife PEMF technology to help relieve and fight the pain and fatigue of cancer. This in turn may improve quality of life and therefore the patient's mental outlook.

Whether you are considering PEMF technology to help to fight fatigue, to help to reduce pain,  or to improve general health, the advantages of this 100 year old technology will no longer remain hidden.


We are excited to announce the Rife PEMF device is now available for rental in South Africa.

Rent your PEMF Rife device today and experience the freedom you deserve.

Fill in this contact form and we will reserve your machine today!

Email us for more information or to rent your Rife Model MA today.