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TENS for Restless Legs Syndrome

If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep due to RLS then this study on TENS for Restless Legs Syndrome may interest you. A study concluded that frequency therapy may help to reduce motor system symptoms, may help to decrease sleep disturbances, and may also help to lessen anxiety in patients suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome thereby reducing some of the additional symptoms associated with RLS. Although this is only one of two studies, anecdotal evidence from previous patients also suggest that TENS for Restless Legs Syndrome can be highly beneficial for patients suffering from the condition.

TENS for Restless Legs SyndromeAs the underlying causes of the condition remain unidentified, the study could offer hope to the thousands of men and woman suffering from this irritating and sometimes debilitating condition.

The study included 14 patients previously diagnosed with RLS and therapy included providing 14 sessions of therapy given over 18 days. 15Hz was administered to the patients using rTMS. Researchers used the IRLS rating scale, the Hamilton Anxiety Scale, and the Hamilton depression scale as measures of whether the therapy was effective.

At the end of the study, researchers found that there were significant improvements in the IRLS scales as well as the Hamilton scales used. They also found that there were ongoing effects of the treatment, sometimes lasting up to two months after the therapy.

Another study on TENS for Restless Legs Syndrome

A study published in 2014 came to similar conclusions on the possibility that frequency therapy could be a viable option for patients struggling with RLS. This study included 19 patients who were divided into treatment or sham groups. The study measured outcomes on the IRLS scale after five and ten sessions of therapy. The researchers found a statistically significant improvement in the IRLS-RS scores of patients who received the real stimulation. Researchers concluded that this type of therapy may be safe, non-invasive and may warrant further studies to explore efficacy.

The fact that PEMF and TENS for Restless Legs Syndrome may be effective is not that surprising though. Although the underlying causes of the condition are unknown, many practitioners and researchers believe that nervous conditions, circulation, inflammation and even depression may play a role in the condition.

PEMF therapy for depression has been well established by numerous studies and this may help to account for some of the benefits patients are experiencing. PEMF and TENS therapy have also been highly effective in managing pain for example TENS for Lower back pain has been used for decades to help to reduce pain in chronic lower back pain patients. TENS therapy for inflammation may also play a role in reducing a possible underlying cause of the condition.

As more and more studies become available on the benefits of TENS and PEMF for various conditions, two things seem to remain clear – that TENS and PEMF can be hugely beneficial for supporting health and that this type of therapy remains a safe and non-invasive alternative to those patients seeking relief from a host of pain related conditions.