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Diabetic Foot Ulcers – Diabetic foot care with PEMF

In spite of the incredible medical breakthroughs made over the last century, little has changed in terms of wound care for the diabetic foot ulcer. Silver wound dressings, moist wound therapy and pressure bandages are essentially the only tools the medical field have to offer in terms of treatment. Other than the new studies, which show that PEMF actually speeds diabetic wound healing, that is.

Diabetes is top killer in the Western Cape and fifth in South Africa. With three and a half million South Africans suffering from the disease, more people die of complications of diabetes than any other natural cause of death.

One of the greatest concerns for a diabetic patient is developing complications like peripheral circulation problems and diabetic ulcers. Up to 25% of patients who suffer from Diabetes, experience a diabetic foot ulcer at some stage of their lives with many of these ulcers resulting in amputation. The cost to South Africans is exorbitant, the cost to the patient is devastating. That is why proper diabetic foot care is vital for all diabetic patients.

The Problems with Diabetic Foot Ulcer Care in South Africa

Diabetic ulcers are notoriously difficult to treat. This is due to the complications that normally occur with diabetes. Peripheral neuropathy or neuropathy in the feet and lack of sensitivity in the extremities means that diabetic patients often do not realize that they have a wound to begin with. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy allows wounds to develop and worsen before they are discovered and treated. Diabetic foot infections develop quickly and once the wounds have developed they can be almost impossible to treat.

Add to that the fact that circulation in the extremities is often compromised in diabetic patients, and you have a devastating combination. When wounds don’t heal, the only option is to cut away the dead or dying tissue in the hopes that the “new” wound will trigger the healing process at the site of the wound.

How PEMF Therapy can help The Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment Process

Circulation is vital for the healing of diabetic foot ulcers.

PEMF therapy and the Rife PEMF device have been shown to help to improve circulation. When used at the site of injury the improvement in circulation means that the healing process is encouraged, improving your chances of successful treatment.

Diabetic foot care PEMFCirculation is vital for the wound healing process. The circulation in an area is vital for removing dead tissue, for removing the debris from the wound and for removing the toxins from the area. Circulation is also vital for providing nutrients to the wound area. Increased nutrients to the area means the body has the building blocks to repair damaged tissue and to build new cells. By improving circulation, you are therefore supporting the entire wound healing process.

In a study on PEMF, researchers showed that PEMF improved microcirculation. The researchers concluded that, “local application of a specific PEMF waveform can elicit significant arteriolar vasodilation.”

PEMF and Diabetic Foot Ulcers

In another pilot study done specifically on diabetic foot ulcer, researchers found that application of PEMF at the site of the wound improved the diabetic foot ulcer wound healing in the PEMF group. The study concluded that the PEMF group have a significant improvement in circulation – that the capillary blood velocity have increased by 28% - and that the capillaries had increased in volume or diameter by 14%. The study therefore concluded that PEMF therapy actually accelerates wound healing and that one of the underlying reasons for the accelerated wound healing is the improvement of circulation at the wound site itself.

The Rife PEMF device has been used on a number of diabetic foot ulcer wounds in South Africa with excellent results in terms of improving circulation and supporting the wound healing process. You can email us for case studies and specific details.

The RIFE PEMF device is now available for rental from R550.00 per month or for sale. Email us to rent your device today.