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Beat Joint Pain from the Inside Out with PEMF

Living with pain becomes the norm for many of us. It is only when we can no longer function at some level that we begin to take action. Sadly, many of us don’t understand the origin of joint pain or that pain is a warning signal from the body. Feeling stiff when you wake up and having sore knees after hours of sitting is not a sign of old age, it’s your body telling you that you need to take action.

a021762a-daaa-43c7-a7e7-83266f9245d8The truth is that it is fine to take a pain tablet every now and again, but ignoring persistent pain, particularly pain in the joints, can spell disaster for your future health. Baby boomers have been called the “next arthritis generation.” With estimates that 50% of us will be diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee, and with the debilitating effects this  may have on your life, it is time to understand that you need to take action when you feel sore or stiff.

Joint pain is a signal that your body is not coping with inflammation and that your body needs support. Inflammation is one of the root causes of joint pain. It is also one of the reasons why joint tissue is damaged, causing pain in the future.

How Inflammation Damages Your Joints

The inflammatory process is a natural part of your body’s ability to heal. When you injure yourself, the inflammatory process removes debris from the site of the injury by using strong chemical compounds called cytokines. These cytokines are similar to a demolition crew on a building site. Cytokines remove the rubble from the site of the  injury so that your body can begin to build new healthy tissue.

Sadly, if the demolition crews/cytokines are not carefully regulated, they can damage healthy tissue. This is how inflammation begins to cause joint pain and how it causes the destruction of your joint tissue.

When you regulate the inflammatory process, you control how much damage occurs in the joints, which is why it is important to see pain and stiffness as a warning from your body that your joints need support.

PEMF Regulates Production of Inflammatory Compounds

In a recent study published in the Journal of Inflammatory Research, researchers showed that PEMF helps to regulate inflammation by controlling the production of cytokines.

In other words, PEMF therapy reduces the amount of chemicals your body produces for demolition purposes. PEMF therefore plays a role in preventing damage to your joints.

By removing the underlying cause of joint pain, you remove the threat of damage and you remove one of the causes of joint pain and stiffness. You therefore kill two birds with one stone: removing the cause of the pain and removing the threat of joint degradation.

PEMF Improves Circulation

The benefits of PEMF therapy do not stop there; PEMF also improves circulation. According to a study in the Journal of Orthopedic Research, PEMF improves circulation at the site of application.

By improving circulation to the joints, you improve the health of your joints. Add a joint supplement that supports healthy joint development and some exercise, and your knees will love and support you as you get older.

PEMF therapy is a drugless, painless way of providing your joints with the support they need, reducing joint pain and minimizing joint damage.

Don’t ignore sore and stiff knees. Start treating the cause of knee and joint pain today.

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