TENS and PEMF therapy blend nature and technology to bring you a way to support health. Our experience and development have been harnessed to bring this therapy to you in a simple affordable PEMF device designed for the whole family.

Frequencies and magnetic energy are abundantly available in nature, and as humans we tap into these fields to sustain energy and remain healthy. Meditation, grounding and breathing are all examples of energy medicine.

The earth produces magnetic fields essential for health. Your body also produces a number of different electromagnetic frequencies and waves that are vital for life. The heart, for example, generates electromagnetic fields that affect the rest of the body. Your brain produces frequencies vital for the production of certain hormones and is responsible for your mental state.

Providing energy to the body in the form of magnetic and electrical energy can help to boost functions like circulation, metabolism and cell health. Low cellular voltage has been linked to low energy levels and illness. Providing energy can stimulate cells to perform efficiently. Frequencies and energy can also help to reduce disease causing elements like inflammation.

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. PEMF devices have a magnetic and a frequency component. The fields are carried through the body and administered to the body via our special applicators. Our machine and a MAT or other magnetic accessories are used to generate the magnetic field.

The Rife PEMF device uses rife frequencies and combines the power of magnetic and electrotherapy into one simple, easy to use device. We are able to update our devices to enable us to add new frequencies and programs as new research becomes available to us, giving you access to the latest frequencies and technology.

Our support team is there to provide you with the training and support needed to help you get the most out of your device and to provide you with therapy ideas to ensure you are able to tap into the health benefits of our devices.